A round of quick updates

I just got back from my walk around Lions Head. A few quick updates from the life of Joe:

  • Sign up for the GeekDinner, Wed 28 Nov, 65 of the 80 seats are taken so far.
  • I’m going to the bubbly fest in Franschhoek with friends. Join us.
  • The voice of reason: “The best intranet is Mediawiki”
  • I updated my blog’s About page and added a link to my all new and groovy executive resume. Had to update it for the Amobia business plan.
  • Amobia now has a PR budget and we’re having a 4 hour messaging workshop with our PR agency on Wednesday morning. Sounds like fun. Amobia also hired a new sysadmin two weeks ago.
  • Actually old news, but the Frogfoot Xen product traffic cost has been reduced to 8c/MB incl VAT
  • We’re getting ready to release version 1.2 of the Frogfoot Hotspot product. It’s getting very slick and well automated, with nice reporting. Growth stats look really good. Looking at stats for the last 7/8 months (since the beta started): revenue grew 12 times in last 6 months, number of accounts grew about 6 times, number of hotspots grew 3 times. This is obviously a small timeline, but still nice to see the momentum building.
  • I’m on my way to a Teraco meeting now. We’re getting frequent and large scale enquiries about the datacentre project, locally and internationally.