Monthly Archives: December 2007

Chandler, Mutt’s best friend.

I started using Chandler this week. So far I like it. Chandler is mostly a PIM (personal information manager) and a calendaring tool and TODO list manager and a way of working.

I've stopped using Mozilla Sunbird and migrated all my calendar data to Chandler. My mobile phone syncing still works. I run Chandler on my Mac laptop and Debian desktop. Syncing and roaming works nicely.

I've also been sharing one of my calendar collections with an arbitrary user on the Frogfoot LAN.

I like the underlying design philosophy of Chandler. It seems to be based on GTD. It's like a central point for work-flow management for the knowledge worker. It gets around the "open loops in the mind problem" created when you know you need to do something but you're not sure where to put it to remind you.

Chandler uses open standards and open protocols to interact with other users and other services. It comes with a (CalDav) calendering and syncing server. I really like the idea that it does not try to be an email client but it is email aware. Chandler shares IMAP folders with your MUA. No-way I would stop using Mutt (-:

I've also started using Chandler for TODO list management grouped into collections on a per company basis. The TODO list has a simple Now, Later and Done flag which seems to come from the GTD thinking.

What's with the dog? I'm guessing it's because the developers work in a dog-friendly building.


543 is the first fully "green" office building in San Francisco. It is also a dog friendly building with a dog run on the roof and dog friendly lease terms. Visitors may be greeted by dogs at the elevator. If you are nervous around dogs please let your contact know in advance.

Now all I have to do is read the book about GTD.

Motive Power

Motive power—thought Dagny, looking up at the Taggart Building in the twilight—was its first need; motive power, to keep that building standing; movement, to keep it immovable. It did not rest on piles driven into granite; it rested on engines that rolled across a continent. -- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Joe’s life aquatic

Today was the first WAPA committee meeting with the newly elected exco. I was elected co-chairman of WAPA and assigned the communications portfolio.

Had tea at Origin Roasting on Thursday morning and hopefully convinced somebody to help improve the Frogfoot website.

Tomorrow I'm visiting *Camp in Muizenberg and then spending some time in Rooi Els on Sunday.

I watched The Lives of Others at The Labia this week. Excellent movie. The Labia is just uber cool, where else can you go watch a movie with popcorn and a beer? I see there is a new Wes Anderson movie about to be released (The Darjeeling Limited). I love Wes Anderson's work.

Busy Week

Quick updates from last week..

The first production batch of our FrogBlade casings arrived on Monday.

I attended the CLUG AGM on Tuesday. There was a cool talk about Linux desktop eye-candy and the traditional free beer and pizza. I was elected to the CLUG committee for 2008.

Wednesday evening was the GeekDinner and I attended a 4 hour WAPA PR Workshop on Thursday, though admittedly I was a bit slow that next morning.

The WAPA General Meeting was on Friday afternoon. I was elected to the committee for another year. I took a picture of the new spectrum analyser. There was a long discussion on the VANS license conversion process. More on this in another posting maybe.

Took a friend to the airport on Friday evening and visited the Franschhoek Champagne Festival on Saturday. It was fun. Maybe a little crowded with too little shade provided by the organisers, but fun.

Had a laid back Sunday sipping a drink I can't really remember the name of at Fandango's in Stellenbosch. Something between a Mojito and a Margarita. Crushed fresh lime with brown sugar, tequila, tripsec, and apple cider. Try it.

Pics are at the usual spot.

I think I'll visit *Camp this weekend.

Next week is the Frogfoot and Amobia end of year spit-braai.