Busy Week

Quick updates from last week..

The first production batch of our FrogBlade casings arrived on Monday.

I attended the CLUG AGM on Tuesday. There was a cool talk about Linux desktop eye-candy and the traditional free beer and pizza. I was elected to the CLUG committee for 2008.

Wednesday evening was the GeekDinner and I attended a 4 hour WAPA PR Workshop on Thursday, though admittedly I was a bit slow that next morning.

The WAPA General Meeting was on Friday afternoon. I was elected to the committee for another year. I took a picture of the new spectrum analyser. There was a long discussion on the VANS license conversion process. More on this in another posting maybe.

Took a friend to the airport on Friday evening and visited the Franschhoek Champagne Festival on Saturday. It was fun. Maybe a little crowded with too little shade provided by the organisers, but fun.

Had a laid back Sunday sipping a drink I can’t really remember the name of at Fandango’s in Stellenbosch. Something between a Mojito and a Margarita. Crushed fresh lime with brown sugar, tequila, tripsec, and apple cider. Try it.

Pics are at the usual spot.

I think I’ll visit *Camp this weekend.

Next week is the Frogfoot and Amobia end of year spit-braai.