Blio IP-PBX v1.0

The first production batch of Blio PBX’s is complete and ready to ship. Doing the first sales demo for a client tomorrow (who is interested in buying 3 units). Busy with the first brochure. Exciting times.

pbx1 pbx2

Quick feature list:

  • Stylish black metal casing
  • 1U, Rackmount or Wallmount
  • Designed and manufactured in Cape Town, ZA
  • Low power, no moving parts
  • 1 * 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 2 * ISDN ports, 4 channels
  • 2 * Trunk ports, aka FXO (outgoing Analog incl. GSM/LCR)
  • 10 * Analog extension ports for standard desk phones, aka FXS
  • Tested to work well with the SNOM range of SIP Phones, including the reception (Star Trek style) console
  • Supports stacking, you can buy one now and add more later to grow one (virtual) PBX
  • Has a very nice user friendly web interface for management (DIY config)

Anyway, it’s the perfect small/medium office PBX, grows with your business, IP/SIP ready but enough analog ports for cost effective migrations.

Suggested retail price is in the range of R16k per unit for the first batch, depending on how good your haggling skills are :-P

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