Suicide Gorge

Friends and I will be walking Suicide Gorge for the 3rd time this Sunday. It’s good fun. You basically keep jumping into big pools in a river. Jumps can be as high as 14m. Once you start down the kloof you have to go all the way. No turning back. Takes a few hours to complete, depending on how long you chill in the pools.

I took my GPS device along last time. There’s a bit of an urban canyon effect, but the track overlay gives you an idea of the route. I was not brave enough to risk taking a camera on the walk.


I have some pics from the previous walk (2006) and GPS track data.

More details..
Nearest Town: Grabouw
Region: Boland
Trail Distance: 17km (8 hours)
Booking window: 1 November to 30 April
Max people per group: 12 (I think)

What you need for a Suicide Gorge walk..
* A booking and R85/person
* Wetsuit, surf suit
* Walking shoes, old
* Snacks, waterproof
* Friends, non-quitters, reasonably fit

Hope I still fit in my wetsuit. I’ve had to do a crash course fitness session this week after the xmas / new-year laziness.

More info on the Cape Nature Website.

7 thoughts on “Suicide Gorge

  1. Hiya,
    Found your blog in my quest to find out more about suicide Gorge.
    We want to go there this december – probably the 16th – or Early January.
    But we don’t want to Pay the R500 each fee to go with the ‘events’ groups that advertise…

    But have been told several times that we need to do it with people who have done it before.. just incase we jump 12m into a puddle of rocks…

    Would you be keen to do it again?????
    with us i mean….
    I know this is random but… i thought to give it a shot anyhow….

    Let me know K!!

  2. Hi Gail

    I’m busy planning the next Suicide Gorge mission(s). I was thinking one in Dec and one in Jan/Feb.

    It’s useful to have a guide, but we did not have a guide the first time we walked. The most tricky part is knowing how to easily get back to the parking area after the jumps end… but you could put a few waypoints is a GPS to solve that problem (-:

  3. Sorry we missed you Joe, but yup, we made it alive. Took the waterproof camera so will send you some photos. A note to the novices, one black bag will not keep your stuff dry. Oh, and don’t put your arms out like a flapping bird – it will hurt.

  4. You forgot to mention “must have no fear of heights!”

    Useful to know that there is an escape route that you can take before the first jump and after about jump number 4 or 5 to the right of the gorge.

    Before the first jump, off to the left there is a waterfall you can slide down a mossy incline, lots of fun.

    There is also an alternative gorge which has lower jumps, just can’t remember what it’s called.

    Should be possible to do without a guide, but beware of the water level. One time I went the water level was very high and it made the trail very dangerous indeed as the normal route was covered by water.

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