Quick Updates

The brain-dump posting..

I watched The Darjeeling Limited tonight.. Wes Anderson’s latest movie. It was kinda entertaining, visually pretty good… but not nearly as good as Life Aquatic or Royal Tenenbaums. The short movie before the main movie was interesting (Hotel Chevalier).

Attended my first SPIN meeting last night. I guess you would call the people that go to this kind of thing “software process geeks”. A number of the topics were good food for thought.

Suicide Gorge was great fun. It’s a real gem. I was pretty tired after the walk, fell asleep before dinner. In some ways nice to be that tired. Man, was I stiff the next day.

The Blio PBX sales process seems to be gaining momentum.

Teraco is still looking for ~90 bars.

Looks like Frogfoot will partner with Extreme Networks. We’ll do sales and consulting and probably standardise on using Extreme switches internally. Why Extreme? Well, it’s carrier grade kit and they are focused on building switches. They have a very nice OS (with Linux ancestory) and they offer a good layer 2 redundancy protocal (EAPS), way better than STP. I think Linux people have an affinity to Extreme’s design and thinking: focused, efficient, stable. Can you guess the two opposites of my analogy?

WAPA released some very impressive wireless industry growth figures from the annual member census.

Frogfoot and Amobia are on the list of Individual ECS licensees asked to meet with ICASA in Feb.

We’ve started a project to integrate the Frogfoot Wifi billing engine with the Amobia outdoor wireless CPE devices.

I attended a WAPA Spectrum Analyser Workshop last week. It was fun to explore some of the deeper physics behind practical wireless lingo and day-to-day working knowledge. I learned lots of useful things about radio’s, antennas and EIRP (power) measurement. I think the vision and goal of self regulation (in ISM) will be a reality sooner than we think.

Ok, must sleep. Think I’ll walk around Lion’s Head early tomorrow morning.