The story of the extra P

The MOPP opening night was fun. Lot’s of arty looking people. It’s interesting watching the reactions of complete strangers when they look at my pictures.

It’s sad how often people miss an opportunity to tell their story. At the last GeekDinner Callum asked me if Frogfoot would sponsor the hosting for MOPP.

Sounded like a good cause. I figured it was a bit strange to register for the project when I could just register it’s “month of photograhy” right? Seems I did not know the story.

Tonight I hooked up with some friends from Stellenbosch days. I was sitting in Royal eating my seared tuna burger with salad (for a second night in a row).. when Will told me the story behind the month of peoples photography.

Turns out there was a ‘month of photography’ for all the groovy brand name artists. But then a group of people figured.. hey, what about the rest of us?.. and created the ‘month of peoples photography’ which was open and served the people.

I love stories of revolution. “We’re just going to have to see about that”, “by the geeks for the geeks”, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

It’s a story that’s been going on for centuries. Open and free wins (Linux). Empowering people to share and contribute wins (Wikipedia). Collaborative efforts make people feel included and keen to engage. I think the GeekDinner movement is a story of revolution.

If you have story of revolution.. tell the story.