Little Paw Prints

I just returned from watching Eastern Promises at the Labia. Very good movie.

On Friday I bought the ultimate mobile phone. Actually it’s more like a 2nd (spare) phone, the kind you don’t mind taking to a wine festival. The Nokia 1200. It’s like the third world dog of mobile phones. ~R500. Not bad if you think a (battery) charger is about R230. It has a b+w screen, a torch and.. well, that’s about it. Has good battery life and everything is snappy. Makes you wonder if the latest and greatest phones are really progress.

On Saturday, my new zen gadget (set to Afrikaans mode), the Walking Simpsons Encyclopedia, The Unofficial Major of Vredehoek, Mia and I went in search of some good Afrikaans culture at the Wellington Wine Harvest Festival. It was good fun. We had a kombi and a designated driver, to drive us from farm to farm. 9 people in total. Well organised indeed.

We attended a Bok van Blerk concert that evening. I was impressed. A good performer and a really nice crowd. I can see why his music is popular. The (Meerkat) wine was pretty good too.

Had an awkward experience with two woman there. The mother of a sweet little boy walked up to Mia and I with a strange look of desperation. Bit of a sad puppy, single mother look and said: “I hear your are divorced too”, to which I responded.. “kinda”. Eeek. Talk about an uncomfortable situation. Then a woman said something like.. “I would give everything in the world for a child like Mia”. All in the space of 5 minutes.

Thinking about it now.. and remembering a part of Freakonomics where the author writes about the socioeconomic patterns of naming children. In the end the most important variable for the success of a child turns out not to be their name, but who the parents are. No real surprise there, but the statistical proof provides a reassuring feeling. I think when it comes to reproduction we often just have to accept things, not worry too much and make peace with who we are first. There are too many variables which we do not control.

I’ll post some pics on Monday. I think I’ll teach Mia more Afrikaans. She’s turning two at the end of the month.

Now, I’m finally going to clean that Mia (aka Cub) paw-print smudge off my laptop screen that has been bugging me while I wrote this.

Have a fun week.