Quotes of the Weekend

John at the bar is a friend of mine.. — Billy Joel

Fandangos cocktail special tonight:

Grapefruit Martini
1 part Vodka
1.5 parts Grapefruit Schnapps
0.5 part Dry Vermouth
add lemon peel garnish

Crisp as a moment of clarity.

Also, try Wild Turkey American Honey.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.
Some people you just can’t reach…
— G ‘n R

If you have to work this hard, is it really working?

No woman in the history of the world is having better sex than the sex you are having with Ian… in my head.
— High Fidelity

Attended the annual Oyster and Champagne festival on Friday on Bloemendal wine farm. Visited the Tygerberg Zoo today. Oyster thing was OK. The Zoo was just sad.

Remember kids, don’t drink and blog.