Cape Town WordPress Meeting

Attended the 2nd Cape Town WordPress meetup this afternoon at the Barn. The usual suspects and a few new faces. Had nice chats with Henk, Sarah, Alan and Jonathan. I was mostly there to bitch about WordPress security issues and to brainstorm a solution for easily updating a growing (6+) number of WP blogs. I think I confirmed some theories. I’ll keep working on my ideas.

I was happy to find more google-free ™ people there. Just say no to gmail, google calendar, US government indexing… reminds me of that Larson cartoon where they have the GSM phone in a museum and the tag line is something like “old surveillance / spying equipment”. That’s how they killed Pablo. Ok, ok.. I guess I should quit Facebook to back up my paranoia.

Thanks to Callum &co for organising and planning the event.

After that I had a Royale burger with The WSE.. and a couple of Laurentinas. No tuna at Royale today. Very sad.

Frogfoot’s new website is coming along nicely. Yes, WordPress based. Soon, see it, you will. I’m busy getting the Frogs to choose their avatars and motivating them to contribute (blog).

I still have to figure out a way to make a cheap digital camera waterproof for our Suicide Gorge mission this weekend.

Oh, also had a positive meeting with a VoIP equipment distributor today about the Blio PBX.

ps. I love Cape Town.