I had this idea yesterday.. since I don’t really have a way to know who is reading this blog regularly and/or subscribed to my Atom (or RSS) feed:

  • web server logs are not that useful
  • I’m guessing a few people are reading this on a planet site
  • some people have no idea what an Atom feed or a planet is

.. please leave a comment and a link to your site.

It’s kinda like the poor man’s version of “if you like this blog, check out their blogs”… cross-pollinate (-:

Doing a quick “grep | awk.. | wc -l” for unique hosts that requested my Atom feed today (in the last ~11 hours).. I get: 56, but I suspect there are less (human) frequent readers than 56.

10 thoughts on “Cross-pollination

  1. I read your blog via CLUG Park. When a blog is in CLUG park, then I don’t make a subscription, since I read everything on CLUG Park.

  2. Why not use feedburner? There’s a nice plugin for WordPress too. Yes, you’re still not going to know who exactly reads your blog, but you’ll get some nice stats.

  3. Hey Nick

    I often get XML validation errors from Feedburner feeds. I don’t like hosted services in general. I like to have everything on my server, just the way I like it.

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