Monthly Archives: March 2008

Quick Update

Been a while since I wrote something here. I guess I’ve been busy. Let’s see, a few random updates…

  • Had a nice weekend in Pringle Bay with friends, got some sun.
  • Visited the Endeavor crew on the 28th floor of the LG building a while ago. Nice views. Still no real scope to work together it seems.
  • Been working on the web interface for the next Blio CPE software, which will allow Amobia to build outdoor (integrated) hotspots.
  • Had an Amobia meeting last night and looked at some financial stats. Amobia grew its revenue by about 110% over its last financial year 2006 vs 2007. Amobia is about 2.25 years old now. Well on it’s way to being a successful business when it gets to the magic 3 years figure.
  • We’ve spend a good number of hours planning, designing and developing the new Frogfoot website. Looking pretty awesome. It’s built on WordPress. We should have all the themes and styles done by tomorrow, which leaves me to write and update some content. Should launch early next week… but a few beers after work on Friday are in order. The new Frogfoot blog design is even nicer than the Swimgeek blog.. I’m going to have to think up something new for my blog design (-:
  • There’s been a few interesting developments on the VANS license conversion front. More sports to follow soon. We have a WAPA committe meeting tomorrow afternoon.
  • There has been good interest in the Blio IP PBX lately. A number of website queries and interest from PBX solution companies. There are a few demo units out in the field and we’ve had some good feedback. Working on improving the documentation and making it easier to get going after buying a PBX.
  • Frogfoot’s hotspot sales are starting to pick up. We’ve done some work on an easy sign-up process for hotspot operators and we have a new all singing and dancing hotspot software revision due within the next month. It will have much better integration with our accounting system and better automation of things like debit order forms and profit sharing payment notices.
  • Amobia’s touch rugby team has been on a winning streak, they are top of the log at the moment.
  • Frogfoot is now an Extreme Networks partner. We’re thinking of cabling up Teraco with purple cat6 cable. :-P
  • Attended a very interesting meeting about IPP’s (independent power providers) this week. Had a bit of a feeling of deja vu.. seems the electricity market in this country is currently where the telecoms market was 10+ yrs ago.
  • Looks like I’ll be in Wellington this weekend and maybe visit the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market again.

Catch you on the flipside, crazy kids.