Hacker Marketing 101

In the gym today I thought to myself, lately I feel like I’m doing a crash course in journalism and marketing. The 3 years in 6 months version. I always had fun with branding and design, but writing and marketing seems to take much more time and effort.

I’ve been reading unhealthy amounts of Seth Godin (books and blog). I spend hours reading blogs and thinking about marketing ideas. I’ve become responsible for WAPA‘s internal and external communication and I seem to have taken on the same role in Frogfoot, Blio and Amobia.

I’ve really started to notice marketing around me. I can’t help but think up PR strategies. I keep looking at the word of mouth potential in new ideas. An example would be the concept of “box designs” I found in Agile project management.

I think the most important thing I’ve learnt is that.. marketing begins very early in the design of a new product or service. You can’t slap it on later. You need a story. “Pull” or self perpetuating (viral) marketing is way more (cost) effective than “Push” (broadcast) marketing. But you knew that.

I now collect contact details for journalists. I have a pretty long list. I was up till 2:00 writing and sending out a press release about the Frogfoot Hotspot business model.

I guess I enjoy this because.. let’s be honest, it’s just way more fun spreading ideas that are cool, innovative and worth talking about. Orders of magnitude more fun than trying to sell commodity services where you can’t really add value.. like the current state of the ADSL business in this country where most people are just forced to self what Telkom sells, the way Telkom sells it.

I’m not sure if I’m any good at this marketing thing (yet), but it seems to keep me amused. I guess it’s the hacker approach to marketing, just do it, figure it out along the way, pick up the lingo and “wing it”, over-focus a bit and then it becomes easy. It can’t be that hard right? (-:

2 thoughts on “Hacker Marketing 101

  1. > It can’t be that hard right? (-:

    I don’t think it is. I was once worried that the marketing guys knew something I didn’t. So I did a 6-month brand strategy course at Vega. All I really learnt was the fancy words for what many of us intuitively know. The main difference between us and the marketers, is they actually have time to dedicate to it, whereas for the rest of us its usually a part-time or no-time thing.

    Hope there’s no marketing types reading… ;)

  2. Hey Nick

    Yeah, I guess it helps to focus and not just do it as a hobby, then again, if it’s fun..

    It often helps to “tag” something. Giving a concept a name makes it easier to reproduce and monitor. I think I’d like a 6 day course, I doubt my attention span would allow 6 months (-:

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