MP and the DoC not singing the same tune on VANS self provisioning

Just to make the VANS self provisioning debate a bit more interesting, We have two peculiar opposing views… all in the space of 48 hours.


In addition to the announcements on new operators, Khumalo also said government wanted VANS to be allowed to self-provide and that the frequency spectrum allocation would be made more efficient.

— ANC MP and member of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications Khotso Khumalo


Yesterday the DoC sent a fax addressed to WAPA and Amobia giving notice of their intention to oppose the WAPA self provisioning case.

The deadline was yesterday (21st). ICASA missed the deadline and have not responded yet.

With a bit of luck maybe ICASA and Khumalo are on the same page and only the DoC is in the dark, but for now we need to assume that it’s not going to be a trivial process to show that VANS may self-provide.

..even though it is trivial to know what the correct answer is. Let’s roll.

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