iBurst, Vodacom and Amobia technologies

Somebody emailed me saying they’re interestend in Amobia’s Broadband service but.. they were an iBurst customer for a while, they are now a Vodacom customer and because of all the hardware costs involved they can’t really motivate another switch.

I think this points to high levels of confusion in the market. It seems people marketing “broadband” are in an arms race to create expectations. It’s a case of over promise, under deliver.

I guess Sentech MyWireless was the master of this tactic.

I responded with a simple comparison (fundamental differences) of these options:

Vodacom – mobile, non-line of sight (3G / HSDPA)
iBurst – nomadic, mostly non-line of sight (depends or where you are)
Amobia – fixed, requires line of sight (outdoor fixed wireless)

Amobia provides a fixed, single location service (think ADSL without the copper wire), but because our technology requires line of sight (to the access point) speeds are much more stable and predictable. When we say 2Mbps, it’s 2Mbps.

There are other factors to consider, like over-subscription ratios on available frequency spectrum resources (number of people connecting to a “tower”), upstream internet and peering links.. but the above is a very practical differentiation.

Hope that helps.

Update: Upload Speed
Another point to compare is upload speed. Services like 3G and ADSL often make the assumption that users only want good speeds in the download direction and limit upload speeds. Amobia offers the same speed in both directions.

6 thoughts on “iBurst, Vodacom and Amobia technologies

  1. Ok, so a potential customer says they don’t want to switch ISP as they don’t want to buy more hardware. You respond with some techincal jargon about, “line of sight.”
    I’m confused, from what I can see you didn’t answer the question…

  2. Hi Andrew

    “line of sight” is not technical jargon.. think “can you see the highsite or not?”

    Potential customer had expectations of broadband speeds from other companies and invested in their hardware.

    Customer asked about Amobia’s wireless technology. I responded to help them understand how our technology differs. What are you confused about?

  3. Hi Jo,

    I understand what “line of sight” means, perhaps it’s a bit harsh to call it technical jargon. My point was that it seems they didn’t want to switch because they weren’t keen to spend money on hardware. The correct respone, imo, would be to say, “yes we charge a set up fee” but you would make the money back because x,y and z. Or something to that effect. From this side, it looks like you tried to side step the question.

  4. Hi Andrew

    Good point.

    I guess I made peace with the idea that this guy was not going to became a customer now.. so I was not really trying to win his business. I was trying to help him understand our service compared to other services he used before.

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