Quick Update

Joe’s news items..

  • Random quote of the week: “What on earth would a man do with himself if something did not stand in his way?” — H. G. Wells
  • Looks like Teraco raised its remaining funding.
  • Tuesday, Georg’s home cooked veggie soup and red wine evening.
  • Wednesday, downloaded Firefox 3.0 and moved some furniture.
  • There seems to be good interest in a Cape Town peering point again. About 11 networks have responded positively so far, including Google.
  • Finally found a use for the DMCA. Facebook is pretty quick with removing copyrighted material.
  • Thursday, processed some iWeek paperwork. Amobia and Teraco are now Gold sponsors. WAPA will endorse the Thursday morning wireless session and will have a stand in the iWeek exhibition area. If you have not yet registered, go here.. it’s free.
  • The Blio PBX passed 100% of the TBR-3 tests including the optional parts. This completes the 4th and final part of the ICASA requirements.
  • I attended the 1st Cape Town Pecha Kucha night. The wine was crap. The Moscow Mules were good. The talks were pretty decent.
  • Friday and Saturday was Mia time. We went for a swim again. She fell asleep in the car as we drove to go watch some rugby. Mia slept on my chest for most of the game. Not bothered by any of the excitement around her. It really is a magic feeling having her take a nap like that.
  • Saturday night was Andy and Georg’s house warming party. Must be Andy’s 6th house warming in two years. All the usual suspects showed up, including my personal shrink, who’s birthday it is today.
  • Sunday, had fish and chips at the Waterfront and watched Kung Fu Panda. A fun movie.
  • Walked up Lions Head just before sunset and got some panoramic photos of clouds rolling into Camps Bay and Cape Town harbour. Cape Town is Rome.
  • I now have a dinner table (again). Guess I’ll have to have a dinner party soon.
  • I also have an Ubuntu PC and SIP phone at home now.. all I need is a big LCD screen for movies.