Quick Update

I missed my usual Sunday night blog post session. Let’s just say there was enough wine around at the time. Mostly been catching up after a busy weekend. Let’s see..

  • I finished the Extreme Networks ECDP course. Next is ENA and then most probably ENS in Dubai.
  • Worked on the Teraco switch fabric design and commercial agreements (talking turkey).
  • Wednesday was an Amobia exco meeting in Stellenbosch.
  • Thursday, watched Semi-Pro, Will Farrel is a god.
  • Friday to Monday was Mia time. She’s a good partner in crime and a unique alarm clock… luckily she has a weakness for rooibos tea, Melissa’s rusks and Monsters, Inc. In that order.
  • Friday afternoon, Mia and I visited Will for his birthday in Somerset West. Mia locked us out of his house for a while.
  • Saturday, made Maltabella porridge and watched the rugby. Traveled to Franschhoek for the Bastille day festival. Had lunch with WSE, Cath and Parri.
  • Visited Haute Cabriere for sundowners, home of Pierre Jourdan. Awesome views. Great cap classique.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, snack at Knead, ice cream at Sinn’s, Deer Park play area where we ran into Dorje. Mia says she wants her own blog.
  • Had lunch at Greens with Jonathan and Lynnae.
  • Sunday night we had a braai with friends in Llandudno. I suck at Scrabble.
  • It’s been a challenging few weeks, but I’m lucky to have very supportive friends.
  • Cape Town is a nice place to raise children.

On with the week.