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I was tagged by Cath, so let’s see if you can come up with 8 random personal things that you did not already know..

  1. I get grumpy and irritable if I don’t exercise (every day).
  2. I cry when I talk to Mia over the phone. Can’t help it.
  3. I often cause shit by jumping in, speaking my mind and then regretting it later on. This usually happens in email. I blame digital disassociation.
  4. I enjoy cooking, but I suck at baking.
  5. I’m a trophy reader. I don’t read much and I don’t really read for fun, so I end up reading mostly famous books. An example would be Atlas Shrugged. I like the idea of Ayn Rand books more than the books.
  6. I hate hippies.
  7. I’m stubborn and I over-focus. I’d like to think I follow rational principles, but I know it’s often just rebelliousness.
  8. I love yogurt.

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