Quick Update

Joe’s weekly bullet list update..

  • Monday, ISPA INX workshop.
  • Tuesday, 1/2 price cocktails at Julep, off Long Street. Bumped into Sam Finnemore. Drinks and snacks at Sidewalk Cafe in Vredehoek for a birthday.
  • Wednesday, Lions Head. Another INX workshop, more about CINX (Cape Town Exchange) this time.
  • We’re sold out of all Blio PBX devices from our first production batch. The next batch should take about 8 weeks to manufacture and will have all the regulatory and certification tickboxes ticked.
  • Wednesday afternoon, Mouille Point. Funny how some things don’t change. Happy Hour Pizza at Roots in Obs.
  • Thursday, full day Teraco board meeting. Teraco series A funding. Walked up Lions Head.
  • Thursday evening, dinner at Riboville with the Teraco investors. Riboville is an old bank converted into a restaurant with a wine cellar in the old vault. Best fish I’ve had in while. We were seated in the old bank manager’s office.
  • Friday, time with The Mia. Visited Will in Somerset West. Mia locked us out again, in a new way. Visited Signal Hill.
  • Friday night, planned to attend Georg’s birthday dinner at Harbour House, Kalk Bay and it was supposed to be Mia’s first babysitting experience but Mia was sick so we stayed at home.
  • Saturday, gym, swim, Deer Park cafe. Btw. the service at Deer Park sucked.
  • In the birthday spirit.. drove to Table Mountain along the cable car road and had strawberries and Pierre Jourdan champers on the mountain side with Georg, Kirsty and Jess. Mia has always loved strawberries.
  • We visited Erf 81 (the crazy farm in the middle of the city), puppies, piglets, duckies, chickens, horsies, goats, sheep. Scrubs.
  • Mia likes The Cure.. mostly the songs Friday I’m in Love and Love Cats.
  • Had strawberries for breakfast.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, Knead.. where the service was excellent. Mia had strawberry juice. Mouille Point for a bit of running around and playing with a ball on the wide green open spaces.
  • Sunday night, dinner with friends. I suck less at Scrabble now. Awesome berry dessert.
  • Hoping the Nokia E71 will finally be available in SA soon. I need a new toy.
  • I love Cape Town.
  • See you at the GeekDinner on Thursday.

Idea for the week: “cheat life”. Have a groovy week crazy kids.

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  1. I remember that night! I like the point updates – it can get frustrating trying to recall which day I did a certain thing on.

    Have a grand day

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