Frogfoot Office and DC

The new Frogfoot office is taking shape. It’s actually rather peaceful there at the moment. Nice high ceilings in these old buildings.

I think the drive from Gardens to the new office is a bit shorter and I have under cover parking again. The Waverley business park is very different to our previous office. Much more of a community feel to it with lots of small businesses around. I’ve discovered a nice lunch spot (a 1min walk away). Lots of smokers manning every exit sadly, but I guess that’s a general trend.

Discovered a few geeky tshirts we made a long time ago in the process of moving.


I visited the Frogfoot datacentre in Great Westerford yesterday to see if we can host a cabinet or two as an interim solution for Teraco customers. It’s scary how long its been since my last visit.. months. The joys of remote admin and a stable OS I guess.

The DC (aka Frogtown) is rather impressive. Pretty much full. Nice to see how it’s grown from humble beginnings in 2002 when Abz and I built it, painting and cabling over weekends and a few late nights.

End of an era. New beginnings. Now all I have to do is find a new place to live from Sept onwards and most of the big changes will be complete. Change can be scary, but as they say.. can also be as good as a holiday.

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  1. I actually visited a client in Waverley Business Park for the whole of last week, they took me to a place called ‘Base’, very nice ambience and very good food.

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