Unholy Army of the Night

A day for blogging about blogging. Since we're on the topic..

There seems to be this trend that many of the blogs I used to enjoy following have dramatically dipped in post frequency. Like 3/week to maybe 2/month.

I'm sure these people all have long lists of drafts or notes about things they want to blog about.. but, they must just be busy.. or it's the EVIL Twitter that's turned the people who can actually write into pellet popping rats craving the next bite sized bit of nothingness. An army of rodents performing slow but steady full frontal lobotomies on each other, remotely.

I could've trained them to be my unholy army of the night. Go, my pretties! Kill! Kill! -- Bart Simpson

ps. Jonathan, before I clicked "publish" I figured.. yes, I will still find this funny in 20 days. Humour at the expense of others.

pps. To the micro bloggers, before the nasty comments start, I'm sorry if I called you a short attention span lab rat. Take sleeping pills.

ppps. It seems sex is the last activity people find compelling enough to single task.

3 thoughts on “Unholy Army of the Night

  1. I think it’s kind of ironic that you would mention the decline in blogging frequency of some people as a negative thing. There used to be a time where you yourself seemed to view blogging in a similar way as you see microblogging now. Remember http://www.swimgeek.com/blog/2006/11/13/blog-on-blog/ ?

    I think you’ll come round to microblogging though :)

    The reason I haven’t blogged myself much recently is a combination of being a bit busy and not having too much to blog about. I get annoyed when people blog about junk and just adds more noise to the blogosphere :)

  2. Hi J

    Good point, took me a while to see the value in blogging… but I still think blogging fits my idea of information gathering (life caching), it’s way more structured than micro blogging.

    I often use my blog’s search features to reference events, people and details.

    I don’t see somebody going back and reading a month of tweets they posted a year ago.

  3. Right, and just like a website and a blog has different purposes and are useful in different ways, just so are blogging and microblogging. I read an article about a year ago who used a microblogging service to just get the word out “arrested” via his phone to his microblogging page[1]. If he had to sign on to his blogging cms interface first, add a title, put in the content, and then post it, he might not have gotten his message through. Also, microblog entries are probably not things you would want to look up a year from now. Maybe “OMG there’s a monkey in the street” is something you may want to refer to a year from now, but then again, if there was a monkey outside my house I’d probably blog about it too.

    Not that I’m really a big microblogger myself. I keep being pointed out how I’m doing it wrong by certain people ;)

    [1] http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TECH/04/25/twitter.buck/index.html

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