Quick Update

Week in the life of Joe..

  • Monday, early blogging and (last) sunrise panoramic from my current pad. I’m moving soon. Lions Head, TT test drive, WP 2.6.1 upgrade, Chandler 1.0 desktop and server upgrade, Jono birthday party at Jamaicamecrazy, drink with Georg in lower main road Obs.
  • Tuesday, gym, hair cut with Bianca, civic centre visit for car license and to cancel my electricity. There is a nice spot to stand and eat lunch just outside the civic centre that has a good view of the mountain. Spinning class for a change, Asoka jazz night (as usual).
  • Struggling a bit to bench 110, let’s hope I don’t kill myself trying.
  • Wednesday, corporate governance forum at the Radisson, cable car run, SA|UX meeting at Limoncello, nice seared tuna.
  • Small world, turns out Mia’s babysitter is 1deg of separation away from the Web2 geeks.
  • Thursday, watched pretty much the only Olympics I’ve seen.. woman’s beach volley ball, very entertaining. Run in Mouille Point.. cold, wet, windy, waves breaking, salty spray in your face.. awesome.
  • Been enjoying the new Roisin Murphy album.. Overpowered, it’s better than Ruby Blue, and helps with my little issue of not wanting to listen to Statues anymore.
  • Friday, lunch with Jonathan, Mia time, braai with friends.
  • Saturday, WordCamp, rugby, Signal Hill, watched Finding Nemo.
  • Sunday, watched a collection of Pixar short films, gym, swim, afternoon nap, Neo, Mouille Point playground, Obz Cafe, watched Die Hard 4.

Have a fun week.