iWeek 2008

Once a year the South African ISP industry gathers at iWeek for 3 days. We listen to presentations, exchange ideas, network and socialise. The event is organised by the ISPA.

Have a look at the program and listen to the podcasts.

I attended the first iWeek in back in 2002, 06, 07 and 08. It’s well worth it.. and it’s free.

iWeek confirms the un-conference “paradox” that free is better.. community driven and democratised events are of more value than expensive and restricted conferencing events.

It was a busy few days. The food was good.. too good, snacks, lunches, dinners every night. I met a number of interesting people.

This year the top three sponsors where all from Cape Town. Amobia and Teraco (new branding) were Gold sponsors. WAPA endorsed the event. Amobia and WAPA had stands in the exhibition area.

I was invited to a panel discussion on the Wireless day as the WAPA chair. I think the wireless session went well.. we had good feedback.

I was elected to the ISPA management committee at the AGM.

Thanks to Elaine, Debbie and Cheryl (WhereNext Event Management) for organising the event. Thanks to Uniforum and the ISPA for the two dinners.

ps. I figure I should just get an Apple laptop again.. it’s a much better road warrior tool than the Ubuntu/HP. Seems the E71 was the toy to have.. bumped into at least 5 very happy new E71 owners at iWeek.

3 thoughts on “iWeek 2008

  1. Would be interesting to hear your opinion on the new Teraco branding…

    You could probably fairly easily guess what I’d say ;-)

  2. Hey Martin

    I like it. Clean and simple. My initial reaction was that the blue/green look was a bit weak (without impact) but it’s grown on me.

    I also liked the previous look..

    What do you think?

  3. To be honest, I don’t like it. It feels very bland, almost 1990s tech, probably because of the blue (which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on what you’re going for). It’s almost like Patrick Bateman’s friends, they all look the same :-)

    The old logo had a very distinctive feel to it, the grid was very cool – even though it felt like it was out of proportion, it had that depth of perspective thing going which gave it some character.

    Anyway, possibly silly comments, but that was my first impression.

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