Quick Update

Just a week in the life of Joe..

  • Monday, interview with The Times about the VANS>ECNS mess, house shopping in Tamboerskloof, cable car run, R29 burgers at Jamaica me Crazy, OC s1 d2.
  • Happy Banana Republic day.
  • I now have a free subscription to Sports Illustrated. We concur: it's pretty lame.. not even a few pics of hot woman.
  • Tuesday, lunch with Jonathan, OC s1 d3, Asoka jazz night, JacSharp at Bambu, William Wallace moment.. got a phone number, whoot! Bumped into JC.
  • Wednesday, Red Herring (Noordhoek) for pizza and beer, drinks at Monkey Valley, try Malibu and Appletizer.. ok, I know it's a bit girly but it tastes like summer, drinks at Carlisle's with friends, Graham is back from Aus, played the Nails game.
  • There's something about listening to Mr Jones at a nice pub with a cold beer.
  • Track of the month, Mind Circus by Way Out West, Cream 15yr album, disc 3.
  • September's been a month without internet at home, guess I took a break, I noticed a bit of a drop in productivity, but I was looking at my September photos and it's been a fun month.
  • Thursday, gym, OC s1 d3->5, a few glasses of wine with Andy back from London.
  • Thursday was odd in the sense that.. I've been wishing to just be bored for a while now and I managed that on Thursday for about an hour.
  • Friday, Mia and I went to Lourensford to buy some wine and chase a few peacocks around, dinner at Will's.
  • Had a tough (emotional) day, but Mia and a random dinner with a good friend reminded me how lucky I am and cheered me up.
  • Saturday, met up with family at the airport, lunch with Debby at Mimi's, nice afternoon nap, gym, swim, dinner with Cath at Fabulous, drinks at Asoka. Thanks for the suggestion Jono.
  • Sunday, slept late, gym, swim, got some sun, Neo moussaka for lunch, worked on my GeekDinner talk, walk by the sea, Clone Wars movie.. it was OK'ish, Kauai snack.
  • I've been challenged to write a blog post / list (?) defining my perfect match (woman).. that could be tricky.
  • Idea for the week.. sometimes it's just easier to do the right thing.
  • Somebody pretty close to me called me a hedonist.. (pure pleasure seeker).. Some days I think I'm the only normal one.
  • The three men and a little lady have a new pad in Tamboerskloof, moving in on Tuesday.. "Cape Town in the summertime and the livin' is easy".. can't wait for summer.

See you at Asoka tonight crazy kids..

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  1. Hi J

    Fabulous was nice.. food was good, nice frozen Mojito’s, belly dancer was a bit B-rate.. the decorated tree outside is really cool. It’s worth it if you can sit on the ground for more than an hour.

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