My R8 Test Drive

I (finally) took an Audi R8 for a spin. Brilliant weather. Insanely fun.

It was a white V8 4.2l FSI R-tronic.. which you can pick up for just over 1.4 bars.

The first thing you notice is the clean and solid design. It feels like sports car.. but it’s very much a luxury German auto mobile inside. All the toys included.

It’s a little too small to get laid IN it, but you get laid the minute you get out of it! — Crazy People


The R-tronic gearbox in sports mode is just crazy. The rev counter climbs about as fast as the grin on your face grows… it just does not want to drive slow.

You can feel this car leap through its gears.. just noisy enough. Handling is perfect. Like a space ship.. maybe too perfect.


I’m guessing the manual model will be more fun, but you need to have a car like this for at least a week to know its limits.

Yes, it turns heads, it’s pure thrill, a car for the pure pleasure seeker.