Quick Update

Week 43. Cape Town in the Summertime. Wish you were here.. (to all the London friends)

  • Monday, Jamaica Me Crazy R29 burger, babies don’t sleep this good.. yeah, Sunday was a bit rowdy.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, bumped into Rob and Sarah, watched Choke at the Labia.. it was OK.
  • Wednesday, Cape Town’s finest taxi service, Wakami with Cath and Parri, Andy cooked a nice dinner.
  • Thursday, Clifton 4th at 4pm, Camps Bay walk, trail run at the foot of Signal Hill, drinks at Asoka.. try the Porn Star Martini, attempted to finish watching Seven, but fell asleep again.
  • Friday, 9 (Mickey Mouse) holes at the River Club with Parri, lunch with Jono, fetched Meebs, a bit of shopping with Cath, nice drive to Betty’s, home made gourmet burgers for supper.
  • Saturday, a relaxed windy day in Betty’s, nice dinner with a big group of cool people, Cath made an awesome Pavlova.
  • Sunday, early morning beach walk with Mia, day with my mom, Stellenbosch botanical garden, Beads, walk (and a swim for Meebs) at the Eerste Rivier bridge, seared tuna and Hartenberg Chardonnay ’06 at Fishmonger.
  • “Everyone knows, anything goes” — RHCP

  • Interesting how you can instinctively tell that some people will make good parents.
  • Been thinking about Cape Town after reading a Cape Times article, it basically said Cape Town has become a global city with lots of lots of inequality.. because of a number of trends and many capetonians pushing and engineering it to be a first world city. I guess it can be a city of wild mood swings.. with a lot of pressure to get with the program and keep up the social calendar. The price you pay for being able to stroll down to Clifton on a random afternoon.
  • Feel like I’m living a bit of an inverse Jerry Maguire story in the time of shake and bake families.

Idea of the week:

“Nothing worth having comes without a risk” — Choke, Anjelica Huston

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