Ignoring Me

A few weeks ago there were two or three things I needed to get done or wanted feedback on and the people involved just kept ignoring me.. two, three emails later.

At first I was a bit annoyed, then mildly pissed off. In the end they responded.

I think..

In a perfect world, it would be nice if people can just respond and say: No! ..but we’re not all autistic, so the path of least resistance is often just to ignore something.

I guess I do it to. I ignore some people and I ignore some tasks for a few days until I’ve figured out what to do with them. Sometimes they hang around until they drop off the todo list without any action.

It’s just easier to ask for things people don’t want to ignore.. like being a preferred client.. which translates to exciting things and good relationships.

Next time, try to figure out if you are asking for something that will be ignored, maybe you should be proactive and ignore it first.. save us the pain.

Just a thought.