November GeekDinner and The Hub Project

I attended the November GeekDinner at Adesso in Rondebosch on Thursday night.

Nice evening, good food and a fun group of people at my table. I met Matthew and Frerieke.

We missed our regular sound engineer and MC. We had a projector, but no mic this time, which made it a bit tricky to give a talk since I had a mild cold.

I gave a talk about peering and The Hub Project.. an internet exchange project (starting off) in Cape Town. This was also the first public announcement of the project.

Jonathan asked something like.. if peering is 90% politics, how do you know the project will not fail again? My answer was: well, it’s cheap (close to zero cost).. all the initial peers have a presence in the building already and I’m hoping it will gain momentum from there. Three things I though about later:

  1. The playing field has changed. Soon we will have more ECNS operators. Soon we will have vendor neutral data centres. Soon we will have many more MetroE and dark fibre connectivity options.. and soon we should have much more traffic flowing around South Africa.
  2. I’m an optimist. I believe this project is for the common good and it has the “moral high ground”.
  3. ..not on my watch (-;

Slides are here. I received positive feedback and I hope a few more people will get involved in the project soon.

A big thanks to our hosts: George and Vanessa and our wine sponsor: Perdeberg.

7 thoughts on “November GeekDinner and The Hub Project

  1. Hi Roelf

    Yes, the idea is to have something like also. We have enough IP space from AfriNIC and Teraco will most probably again sponsor hosting. My idea of an ETA was 2nd half of 2009, but maybe we can get something going sooner.

    Frogfoot will most probably peer in cpt and jhb and have an open peering policy.

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