A jacSharp Story

Last night I was lying under the Cape Town ~stars listening to music by jacSharp.

Lindi and I attended the press and media launch of their debut album at the planetarium. Very cool idea for a venue, especially if you want people to listen to your music. Nice visuals in an otherwise pitch black room, good sounds and commentary from the band between songs.

We were hoping they recorded the event.. would make for a pretty cool podcast.

I guess I was invited because I'm such a groovy independent citizen journalist (haha). Turns out Lindi and Jules are related. We had nice wine and sushi and received a copy of the new album: Technicolour. I had to take two copies (sorry guys), one for Mia.

Going back a few months..

In September Georg and I had a random wild evening at Asoka and Bambu. I bumped into Carl (the guitarist) at Bambu. This was the first jacSharp Electro evening. I liked their music.

I always liked “intelligent” dance music.. things like: Moloko, Roisin Murphy, Morcheeba, Groove Armada, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack.. only later did I figure out jacSharp were also a rock band.

I think I met Carl on rooftops of buildings in Cape Town. We worked together in the wireless industry. I met Juliet that night (and asked her for her phone number *grin*). Ben and Emelio I met at Rocking the Daisies and Nikki (the photographer+) a bit later in Camps Bay.

Then there was that little vote (massaging) thing, I dragged them up Lions Head one Sunday morning, had a nice braai, I attended their Wednesdays sessions at FTV and most of the Sunday sessions at Karma.

Mia (the backseat DJ) often says: "I want to watch Juliet's music".. this is because Juliet took Mia up on stage once. I think she wants to be a rock star now.

The story of Tonight

Their most afro-pop sounding track is: Tonight. I guess it's the song most people like instantly. I couldn't really figure out the lyrics, so I asked Nikki about the song one afternoon sipping Mojito's at Caprice. Turns out Jules wrote the song for Nikki, her sister. Then, the lyrics made sense.. it's a song about sibling love, caring and support.

"and if you ever cry, your tears will fall from my eyes", "this questioning that slapped you in the face", "embrace it", "hold your head up high", "if they try to take your pride, then I'll be there"..
--Tonight, jacSharp

The background, (hmm.. not sure if I should share this so I'll keep it short).. Nikki was in l love with a musician who died. This left her pretty broken. An indecent with the authorities, questioning and rumours followed. I figure Nikki went overseas soon after this. Jules wrote the song to help her through a challenging time.

What a cool song.. almost makes me wish I had siblings (-:


Their Music

Let's just say it's a diverse sound.. jazz, rock, afro-pop, trip-hop and electro. This kinda requires a longer attention span from the listener. They have two really cool pop singles at the moment.. and bucket loads of potential for more.

I've been know to send them emails with friendly suggestions (mostly for the Electro stuff). It's really cool to see their music and their stage act evolve.

Their Angle

The band is a mix of personalities, wide eyed optimists, realists, big-picture and here-and-now people. They are smart, wise and ambitious. They talk about their "ethical empire".. a movement behind their brand. Nice idea.

They see value in online marketing and are very clever in leveraging social networking. Independent.. they do all their own branding, marketing, PR, and events planning, which makes them very busy people.

Interesting time to be in the music business, but they seem to have it waxed.

Good to see cool people follow their dreams, be brave and succeed. I just like the way they roll.

Tell me More

Have a look at their Facebook page for events. See you at their Plett and Knysna gigs crazy kids.

"Use the rhythm. Kick it. All around the room." -- Saving Grace, jacSharp

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