Quick Update

Just a week in time..

  • Monday, WAPA exco meeting, finally got my credit card back, ISPA mancom meeting, Lions Head walk, Daily Deli (Tamboerskloof) for olives and Moussaka, bumped into Gerald and Gabby (neighbours) and had a nice dinner with them.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, stroll down to Justin’s house for his wifi-radio launch, Henk and Ian were there, drinks at Dizzi’s for Lyle’s birthday, bumped into Matt on the way home.
  • Lesson of the week, kids.. do not drink and respond to online dating messages..
    the whole online dating idea lasted about a week. Real life is more fun. You see.. I’m one of those “drowning in a sea of love” kinda people.. online dating is a nice idea, but it’s just not up there with the levels of infatuation I’m after.. dog chasing cars remember (-:
  • My little idea of introducing Lite Licencing for SA saw the light.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim.. getting fit for Suicide Gorge, DSLR shopping, haircut at B’s, tea with (all new Apple toys girl) Cath at Le Petite Tarte in De Waterkant.. nice place, concluded the Standard Bank saga, Heavy Chef at 24.com with the marketing geeks: Nikki, Andrew, Bev, Chris, jacSharp press and media launch at the planetarium, briefly met Cokey Falkow, Asoka with Lindi, Georg, Romy and Mischa.
  • “Simple, concrete, unexpected, emotional stories” — Dave Duarte

  • “Ten more reasons why I need somebody new.. just like you” — RHCP, Can’t Stop

  • Weird.. I keep bumping into the jealous sunset girl.
  • Thursday, encrypted file system troubles, watched 1408.. pretty lame, seared tuna burger with sweet potato fries at Royale, figured we should go support our neighbour Scott and visit his sushi restaurant.. Kyoto Garden Sushi in Tamboerskloof, we had authentic grated Wassabi, eel and Japanese beers, try the Dirty Ninja Sakitini.
  • I think I suffer from TMTTT.
  • Friday, gym, swim, uber-juice, TT-S test drive, Full Moon Lions Head walk.. 7 people showed up, Chinese take-aways with Will and Jess.
  • Do you ever get the feeling (fear) that you are not taking in the moment?.. those perfect moments, just ticking it off the todo-list is not good enough. How do you make sure you suck it in?
  • Hmm.. things are just not that cool when they are popular, I much preferred my die-hard windy Thursday full moon Lions Head mission to the popular Friday crowds.
  • Truly amazing the amount of stuff I can buy at Woolworths without buying anything that needs to be heated above room temp.. is there a name for this diet?.. room-temp-snack-etarian.
  • Saturday, sleeping late, Mia time, uber-smoothy, picked up some Gemsbok fillets and wors for a nice afternoon braai, nice bottle of Becksberg Chardonnay, afternoon nap, Beta Beach, drinks at Cappellos in the CBD with the Pink-23 girls, watched Lost in Translation again.. while blogging and drinking beer with two kittens on my chest.
  • I think I should start wearing Issey Miyake again.. move past the memories.
  • HTF can anybody be 2.5 hours late? even a hippie? ..total sense of humour failure, I’m not a nice person when you mess with Mia’s swimming time. RFDOAB! (from Aliens)
  • Sunday, tea + rusks, Nemo, Mia manicure and pedicure, gym, swimming until we had raisin fingers, Knead bacon, eggs and earl grey tea, Sinns ice cream, bumped into Frerieke, watched Monsters, Inc. again, nice nap, Glen Beach sunset walk, watched some Family Guy.
  • “Say hello to the scream extractor” — Monsters, Inc.

  • I think I’m not allergic to cats anymore.
  • Tunes of the week: Saving Grace : jacSharp, Closer to You : The Wallflowers
  • Dr. Ernst is in Cape Town this coming week.. with his shake-and-bake family.
  • Tuesday is Suicide Gorge day. Hooah!

Have a fun week.