Woolworths Juice for Kids

This is a bit of an experiment in keyword monitoring… and just putting an idea out there.

I have this problem you see.. the hippy mother is on my case about giving Mia those little (tetrapak) juice cartons. They are very handy on outings and Mia dearly loves the Woolworths apple/grape/rooibos Spiderman branded ones.

The hippy claims pure fruit juice is too sweet, too much sugar, bad for their teeth.. basically not good for kids. I’ve been asked to dilute all Mia’s juice with water.

I buy the story and I’m happy to do this.. but I miss being able to just drop two juices in the cooler bag and hit the beach.

I’ve looked around for other brands of juice cartons. No luck.

So, I need.. the same Spiderman juice, but with ~25% water. Help.

4 thoughts on “Woolworths Juice for Kids

  1. She’s right. I was once addicted to the sugar in Woolies Orange juice. Just thinking about it now makes me want to get some. There was a period where I couldn’t make it through the day without having at least 2L of Woolies’ orange juice. I know someone else who this has happened too before as well.

  2. The hippy mother is right… and since finding out a bit more about juice (boiled, stripped of fibre and natural goodness) I’ve also stopped drinking it. But now it’s SUCH a mission to find something that I can drink, especially on the go.

    I suspect the best thing is to simply pack real fruits, rather than fruit juice. Then take some water along for thirst.

  3. Hi Henk

    I make fresh juice once or twice a week.. with my 13000RPM juicer toy, it’s fun, but it’s not that practical for everyday quick convenience.

    I figure life is a terminal disease.. it will kill you. Not so long ago we were exposed to way worse things than fruit juice. I remember the crap I used to drink as a kid.. coke, fanta etc. etc.

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