Quick Update

End of the year..

  • Monday, dropped Mia at school, tea at Will’s house, Lions Head walk.
  • The worst form of citizen.. people that cruise in the fast lane.
  • Tuesday, 5th Suicide Gorge walk with Will, Jess, Rachel, beers at Peregrine farm stall, braai at home with Rachel. Awesome day.
  • Wednesday, could feel I did a long walk the previous day, updated my /me and /about page, managed to flush a few pending blog post ideas from my notes file, Amobia meeting in Stellenbosch.
  • Thursday, tea with Edward, pool party at Ernst’s place in Newlands.. nice Longridge Chardonnay, Mainstay party in Llandudno with Cath, Lindi, Georg, Jess.. a wild party, they played The Time is Now (Moloko), jacSharp album launch, chilling at home above Cape Town.
  • Friday, a few embarrassing memories to process *grin*, long swim, Mia time, drove to Kalkbay, lunch with Ernst and Michelle, Boulders beach to see the penguins, nice drive home.. top down.. listening to Groove Armada.. down Ou Kaapse Weg, drinks and pizza at home with Ernst, Rachel and Georg.
  • I know what you are thinking.. :-P
  • Texas Ranger turned out to be a girl (cat).
  • Saturday, gym, swim, I was asked to give a talk about Lifestyle Design at Doppio Zero (St Georges Mall).. only about 6 people showed up, nice nap, olives at the deli. Watched some Family Guy.
  • Sunday, off to Plett and Knysna for a few days.

Taking a break.. I may not be updating this blog for a while. It’s been a fun year. Have a fun 2009.

Your editor in chief: Joe