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Teraco Update

I went for a tour of Teraco‘s Cape Town data centre today. It’s looking really good. Should be fully completed early next week. They were busy with some finishing touches today, like mounting the plasma screens in the reception area.. which is freshly painted with the new corporate colours..


The DC looks awesome when you switch all the lights off and just have the ambient blue light from the floor vents lighting the room.

Exciting stuff. We have some fairly aggressive sales targets, but lots of interest. Everybody seems to love the vendor neutrality angle. It’s going to be fun filling it up!

We can start taking people for tours in February. Let me know if you want to go check it out.

ps. Sorry, could not take any photos today.

Travel Writing

A few weeks ago my friend Keith, the travel writer, asked me to write something about crazy blonds around Cape Town. Just for fun..

In summer months Cape Town becomes a playground for escapist world
travellers. Scandinavian binging bimbos with fatalistic party instincts.
Voracious monsters of moral corruption on brief third world holidays.

Could be a fun job.


Most interesting stories from last night. Always entertaining to listen to good stories, by good story tellers. Stories of extraordinary people in extraordinary times.

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead
an extraordinary life he has no right to keep it to himself.”
— Jacques Yves Cousteau (from Rushmore)

There was the story of being a flight attendant in the 70’s and being invited to some wild orgy party just over the San Francisco bridge. 20 years of travelling, South America and Africa. Stories of Spain. Stories of Japan.

Some people really should write books about the things they have seen and experienced. Georg and I had a chat about this tonight.. people like this really need to share these experiences, pass them on.

The experience lives through the story.

Quick Update

Bit of a detox and fitness week, which lasted until Thursday night..

  • Monday, uber juice, usual picture processing, watched Burn After Reading at the V&A art.. brilliant movie, loved the way the Georg Clooney character had to go running the whole time, figured I’d do something different and had pizza at the Slice-away.. but all the hipsters spoilt it, bumped into Keith and had some cocoa.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, lots of house shopping, walked up Lions Head with Andy.. bumped into the The TBG (aka Rob), Glen beach sunset, watched Gattaca again.. beautiful movie.
  • “A child conceived in love has a greater chance of happiness” — Gattaca

  • Wednesday, Lions Head walk and Clifton 1st swim with Andy, house shopping in Bantry Bay and Bo-Kaap, smoothy at Neo.. to think, Wembley Square to meet Rachel.. crash and burn, bumped into Bev, burger at Theo’s with Keith and Guy, played Another Lonely Day, — Ben Harper, best breakup song.. Andy thought it was funny.
  • ..look at that s-car-go (-:
  • Thursday, swim in Long Street with Andy, ISPA PR WG, house shopping with Keith and Andy, shopping for a dinner party, Lions Head (run) and Glen Beach with Andy, had a beer (in the shower.. old squash days habit), cooked a Thai stir fry dish.. which was a bit hot for Andy, listened to some Satchmo.
  • Friday, uber juice.. (apple, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, lime, ginger) good stuff, house shopping, Teraco meeting, dinner party shopping and cooking.. perfect wind-free night.. Thai green curry on the balcony with Andy, Kirsty and Rachel.
  • Don’t you just love it when you are alone in the swimming pool, in the middle lane.
  • Song of the week: Daughter — Pearl Jam, also Landslide — Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Saturday, Suicide Gorge session #6.. good fun as always.. Rachel overslept and missed it, fetched Mia, drinks at Will’s with Richard, Lis and Emma, home.. sleep.. like a baby.
  • “Girls are like busses, if you wait long enough chances are two will arrive at the same time.” — Will

  • Spiderman Gorge.. what you call Suicide Gorge if you struggle with heights and prefer rock climbing.
  • Sunday, tea, rusks, uber juice, gym, swim, building puzzles with Mia, braai, dropped Mia off, picked Andy up at 96 Winery Road, drove to Cape Town at some insane speed.. we were late for our own party, drinks with the neighbours.. Scott, Gerald, Lian, Peter, ended up having octopus on the braai at around 1am (go figure), nice Eikendal Chardonnay, most interesting stories.. what started out as an innocent goodbye drinks session turned into mayhem, watched our neighbour break into his own house.. lost his keys again, good fun.
  • I’m going to miss this place.

See you at the GeekDinner on Thursday.

Direction and Function

Sometimes I wonder about this blog. Has it become too personal? Are the bullet list posts too long, too abstract? Or are weeks so uninteresting that I can only come up with 20 points worth mentioning?

Maybe I’ll get bored of this, maybe I’ll get tired of all the information gathering, maybe not.

At the last GeekDinner somebody commented that my blog seems to have gone back to the roots of blogging, the personal online journal. I guess that’s true.

I guess this blog has always been about personal publishing and information gathering. Nothing really changed.

I don’t feel like I’m building any form of audience any more. I don’t have much of a clue who reads my blog. I figure long time readers must either know me, be very bored or like my little soap opera.

So I guess I write..
a) simply because I can
b) for me
c) for friends

Hmm.. then again, many of my friends don’t read my blog.

c) enlightened friends

Quoting something that’s been on the front page for a long time..

“It is and will be a work in progress, a set of notes and dates and thoughts and ideas.. mostly only of interest to me, unless you are enlightened or delusional too, friend.”

So, if you do read it, thank you.. makes me feel less crazy.

What do you want Joe?

One more “over-sharing” post.. sorry.

Some time ago Cath challenged me to define my perfect match, the things I want in a partner… while not having anybody specific in mind. That’s been kinda tricky.

Then last week Ingi asked me a very simple, yet very complex question.. “What do you want Joe?”. A dangerous question.. it gets you thinking.

So yesterday I had to finally figure it out. Pressure moment. I had a long and interesting conversation. So enthralling a chat that a friend who was at the same restaurant emailed me today saying the conversation just looked so involved she did not want to come over and interrupt (-:

We talked about excitement vs. happiness, the infatuation time frames of music and relationships and the cost of life experiences among other things.

Earlier that day, I had a smoothy at Neo and took some time to think about what I want. What alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity:

I’ve figured out that.. I want a relationship, but I’m all about the fun and excitement. I’m looking for a partner in crime.

Not really the white picket fence dream. In some ways I’ve already done the ~marriage and kids thing. Having Mia around is kinda liberating in that way, it removes the pressures of thinking about life in a sequential progression way.. engagement, marriage, house, kids.. a.k.a. delayed happiness dilemma, induced mostly by society.

In the top 5 most painful breakups, well.. this was sorta number two, only.. not painful. If that makes any sense.

Interesting how when you label things they become simple. Like the start of that Morcheeba song..

Once a label is on something
It becomes an it
Like its no longer alive

Its like a loss of vision
Or some dark impression
Or a black spot on your eye
— Morcheeba, What Do New York Couples Fight About

So, I’ve started making a list. The things I like, the things I want:

  • must like outdoor stuff, fitness, running, swimming
  • must like hugs, massages, movies, dancing
  • fun, independent, a bit quirky, creative
  • mothering, because I’m such a boy, haha
  • must meet in my (near) social network, not online dating
  • I kinda like the idea of power couples
  • must like music, jazz music a plus
  • free and independent thinker
  • must be able to learn from her, challenge each other
  • non-smoker
  • must be able to leave at a moment’s notice, pack light

Yes, I’ll still cook her the Thai green curry.

Ok, we’ll return to regular programming now.

Dual Lifestyle

I talked to Mia’s mom this week.. she had been looking at the weekend photos and she was happy for Mia having fun with her dad. She figured the young lady was lucky to have her two lifestyles.

Looking back it seems like we always planned it this way, well, it was the mother’s master plan. I remember a few conversations on the topic, but I guess I only really accepted the idea today.

The Hippy and the Geek lifestyles. Organic food, cotton nappies and spiritual stuff on the one end.. fast paced, entrepreneurial, technology stuff on the other end.

Interesting experiment to see what Mia chooses to become.

Post-modern parenting of sorts.. like Keith said last night, “marriage is just there to confuse kids even more” (..when it ends).

Not sure why I wrote this post, I guess I’ve been thinking again. Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

Quick Update

I seem to only get around to the Quick Update posts at the moment. Big weekend, I was up for 36 hours at some point..

  • Monday, watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Rachel, very good movie.. kinda summer of love in spain, made me want to learn spanish and live in Barcelona.. one snag: the artist in this movie has two girlfriends but a car with only two seats (-: Some Talisker at home overlooking Cape Town.
  • “Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic.” — Juan Antonio, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  • Tuesday, watched Rushmore again (with Rachel), haircut with Lileen, watched Igby Goes Down again (with Andy).. similar movies actually, Paul Cluver Chardonnay, I dig Jeff Goldblum, watched my fav Simpsons episode: Cape Feare with some Talisker.
  • “Our father would be a ‘slippery when schizophrenic’ sign, for instance..” — Igby Goes Down
  • “Well done Joe.” — Andy
  • Wednesday, up early, Lions Head walk with Andy, olives at the Deli with Georg and Andy.. spotted Inge Beckman there, salad and tequila at Da Vinci’s with Keith and Andy, turns out Andrew’s Scandinavian friend is on her way to jail when she gets back in Norway.. but jail time in Norway sounds like a walk in the park.
  • “Gravitate towards yourself” — Keith
  • So, end of and era, Georg, Andy and Joe will not be living together after January. It was good solid fun. I figure I’ll remember this time for having a good soundtrack, the braais and always enough Chardonnay in the fridge.
  • “When you have everything,
    You have everything to lose.”
    — Ben Harper, Diamonds On The Inside

  • Thursday, gym, swim, I made her a compilation CD.. actually 4 CDs, a run in Mouille point with Rachel, cooked a pretty good vegetarian meal at home.. that took some inspiration (first thing I’ve cooked in 4 months), Rafiki’s with Cams and Adin, Kyoto with Andy.. I think I’ve had all the cocktails on their menu now, had a good chat with Lorynne (redeemed myself, I think), Talisker nightcap.
  • “Full of stuff she likes. Full of stuff that make her happy.
    For the first time I can sort of see how that is done.” — High Fidelity, about a compilation

  • “You got to have scars man, either physical or emotional” — Adin, about woman

  • I’ve really been liking Timo Maas lately. Good big room tunes.
  • Tune of the week: (Where do I start, ) Where do I begin ? — Chemical Brothers
  • Friday, fetched Mia, Bakoven beach with Mia, Ingy, Ben and Veronica.. bumped into Nikki and Andrew, Ingi had her birthday party at our place.. she made cupcakes, braai, big party.. 25+ people, awesome people.. surrounded by good friends and music, nice to see Paul again, more Talisker. Lots of fun, but also like a going away party in some ways. I think we may have convinced Ingi to move back to Cape Town.
  • I’ll look back on 2008 (2nd half) like I do on 2004.. for I was happy and it was fun.
  • I remember listening to Liza se Klavier looking out over Cape Town at around 3am, an interlude when most people moved on to Asoka or Fiction.. and for a brief moment, I missed Stellenbosch.
  • Saturday, off to Andy’s mountain house near Porterville with Mia, Andy, Debby and Marcia, fun road trip in Deb’s Landy.. Bettys road trip de javu, awesome sunset over the Swartland, wine and braai.
  • “I never did like Sauvignon Blanc first thing in the morning.”

  • “I feel like I can breath out here.” — Andrew

  • Sunday, Mia and I went for a walk around the Protea farm, Andy made brunch on the fire, chilling, a swim in the river at Beaverlac, road trip back, went to drop Mia off and met her new sister (Francis), watched High Fidelity again.
  • I figure, some people just don’t handle scarcity well.

Man, I am lucky to be surrounded by such awesome friends. Have a fun week crazy kids.

Ideas for 2009

It’s a Wednesday and I’m up early, already the second week of 2009.. so this is long overdue. I guess the point of a new years post is to structure your thoughts about the year ahead, make some changes, set some goals and put them out there.


At the end of last year I woke up one day with a “I know what I need to do” feeling. You could say I found 3 things I really wanted to do:

  • Help to fill up the Cape Town Teraco data centre rapidly
  • Find somebody new
  • Start one new project (yes, just one)

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one.”
— Alain Chartier

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
— Oscar Wilde

The idea I have is dangerous. Maybe a bit cazy. We’ll see.


I recently went for a swim, thinking about the year ahead. What do I want to do next? What should I be putting energy into? I had read a Tim Ferris post the day before about How to Feel Like the Incredible Hulk. He’s pretty much the guru of the New Geek Lifestyle.. and since I’m the same age, a good benchmark I guess.

He explains how he conquered his fears of swimming, language learning, and ballroom dancing.

So, I can swim.. no problem. I can’t say I’m into languages really, the two languages speak I know well, I think it’s good to be at least bilingual (not counting programming languages), maybe I’d like to learn some Spanish. Ballroom dancing, that’s a girls sport right?

Moving on.. Tim runs a neutraceutical business and advocates the idea of a product based business model (a muse). I started a similar business (food supplements) in 2004. It was fun doing the product design stuff, but I can’t say it was in inspiring or exciting business. At least I figured out I like service or information based businesses.

He also wrote about How to Store Sperm, just in case (you end up dead). No need to do that (-:

Fitness, I figure Tim is more of an athlete than a geek.. and I’m more of a geek than an athlete.. but yeah.. I need to get back into a solid exercise routine.

Next, he travels and he is a famous author. That could be cool. I could do way more travelling. He is an icon for an idea. That’s not easy and probably his greatest success.

So here is my list of things I’d like to do (and change) in 2009:


  • Travel, Fitness/Health, Learn some Spanish
  • Be more productive.. working on things that feel fulfilling. Happiness is forward momentum
  • Be a good dad
  • Learn to know myself (endless journey), don’t just be the uncompromising brat that I think I was in the past (-:
  • Get over failures quicker
  • Have more “quam” (from Jerry Maguire) and make people around me feel good about themselves

Now I just need to remember to read this post every 3 months or so.

Have a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!
..I’m off to walk up Lions Head.

Quick Update

Very interesting week.. most fun I’ve had in a long time. Started out spending time with Mia (~7 days).. a cycle of tea, rusks, Nemo, gym, swim, ice cream, nap, beach, chardonnay.. rinse, repeat..

  • Monday, gym, swim, fetched Mia, got me a VitB shot, followed a police car that was in a hurry on the N2.. fun, very About a Boy, nap, Glen Beach, Pimms party with Rachel and Keith.. well Keith had Ginger beer and kola tonic (*wink* to Cath). Seems everybody is threatening to stop drinking.
  • Neurobian, the Rolls Royce.. of Vitamin B injections, kicks ass, R65 at your chemist.. “That’s cheating” — Keith
  • Tuesday, Mia and I had tea and rusks on a rainy morning, building a puzzle to some layed back jazz.. discovered Madeleine Peyroux (thanks to Rachel), gym, swim, Sinn’s ice cream, had Harrods Darjeeling no.25 tea from my Ritzenhoff cups with some cucumber sandwiches and more jazz. Mia manicure/peticure.. tried to catch up on my bloggging notes, felt like such a stay-at-home-dad.. kitchen drinking helps *grin*, nap, sunset on Beta beach, I would really not mind a house in Bakoven, watched the Illusionist (not bad) with a superb bottle of Paul Cluver Chardonnay. Watched some Simpsons.
  • Mia’s baby sister was born on Tuesday night. I guess this makes her a half only child.. maybe a good balance.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, gourmet flapjacks at Knead.. try them.. Mia loves them, Sinn’s ice cream.. we always get the Turkish Delight flavour.. “the pink one”, did washing for the whole family (of two). Bakoven beach with Mia, Rachel and Keith.. awesome sunset followed by pizza in Camps Bay, drinks with Andy and Lauren (King), nice Springfield Sauv, brie and fig snacks and jazz.
  • Looks like I’ve converted Andy into a Moloko/Roisin Murphy fan.
  • Kinda figured out what inspired my bullet list blogging.. Rules of Attraction:
    Victor: [summarizing his vacation]..
  • Tune of the week:
    You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go – Madeleine Peyroux,
    had this song stuck in my head for 3 days (new record I think).. turns out it’s a Bob Dylan song.
  • The solution to the RT turned out to be a girl (cat) problem seems to be: swap names and change to “Princess Walker”.
  • Mia asked to watch the Moloko DVD, I played her The Time Is Now, she thinks Roisin looks like Bianca. Figured out I have _all_ the moloko albums and the DVD.
  • How cool is that Terry Richardson photo on the latest GQ?
  • Thursday, woke up early and ended up with two purring balls of fur on my chest while working on my laptop, Nemo, we made uber-juice, dropped Mia off, worked though a big backlog of holiday photos.. about 1.5GB, watched Simpsons.
  • Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? ..just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
    Marlin: Now I’m stuck with that song… Now it’s in my head.
    Dory: Sorry. — Nemo

  • “The New New Man is perhaps a better father than a husband. He loves his children with a passion that frightens him.” – January GQ

  • My wine glasses seem to have a lower MTBF recently.
  • I discovered dark chocolate covered goji berries. Yum.
  • Modern conveniences.. getting you car back from the carwash and pressing one button to get your seat back just the way you like it. You have to love technology.
  • I think I need a new enemy.. and “a code” (like the marines have.. God, Country, Corps).. hmm.. food, fun, friends, something like that.
  • “Better to have flowers and not need them, than need flowers and not have them” — Joe.. when your date invitation (potentially) fails, *grin*.

  • Friday, carwash, beer(s) at the Labia.. watched Pineapple Express.. not bad, Helga came over for drinks, Rafiki’s with Rachel and Candy, Kyoto Sushi Garden for tuna sashimi, Scott’s famous cocktails, Suntory Yamazaki 18yr old (R1k+/bottle).. good stuff, off to Jade (strange music, but fun, the older cape town goovy kids hangout it seems), ended up in the Shack (jeepers, how did that happen?), I think I like Kings of Leon.. when played really loudly, nice view of the CBD from there, the bartender was a bit drunk so I DJ’d (mostly Moloko), home, wine, nap (not much sleep at all).
  • “Hey Bartender! Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here? — Brian Griffin (Family Guy)”

  • I think I may have ruined my Vivian Westwood shirt.. guess it was worth it.
  • “Cowboy the f*ck up” — Rachel

    How is that Savanna going down?.. “Like an oyster milkshake” — Rachel

    “You say it all without.. ever speaking” — Moloko, in the Shack

    Winners come last — quote from Friday mayhem somewhere

  • Saturday, woke up on the couch with memories of Leonard Cohen songs, off to Bettys with Rachel and Andy.. (I keep a spare toothbrush for days like these), a fun drive.. since I was not driving, swim, nap, nice braai with Cath and Parri, Ingi and Debs came over, a bit of Scrabble cheating, general mayhem (I think the lack of sleep got to me).
  • Well, well. (*bite fist*) [ignore this bit]
  • Sunday, woke up in Bettys (thanks Cath).. a bit dazed, swim, good brekki (thanks Andy), chilling, nap, we drove to Pringle for a swim.. which was awesome, pimpin drive home (Andy’s Throb mixes).. got a tad sunburnt, pizza and Tequila at Da Vinci’s, got home and played the song, grabbed a Rikki’s taxi to La Med (being sensible, how’s that working out for you?, we’ll see), had a beer with David (Goldfish), friends all around.. Rachel, Keith, Cams, Adin, Lauren.. met Rachel’s sisters, Goldfish rocked.. as always.. I was the guy with the jacSharp tshirt, Andy met a Scandinavian girl who hopped in the taxi with us to Asoka, got home and played the song. Another shit day in Africa. I just love Cape Town in the summertime.
  • I met somebody, actually I’ve know her since about 2006ish, she loves jazz, reads Ayn Rand, she’s an engineer and she’s hot (yes.. go figure). I hope she does not discover this blog any time soon :-P, I may have to cook my legendary Thai green curry for her.
  • “A pot of honey is nice,
    but there is a moment just before you start eating,
    that’s even nicer” — Pooh Bear, something I remember from Friday

  • I gave at least 4 massages this weekend, I think it’s a hidden talent.
  • I may need another VitB shot after this weekend.
  • I should really go see the new Woody Allen movie.

The holiday is over crazy kids.. I need to start being productive again.

Quick Update

Bit of a blurr, disturbance in the force.. since about Monday night actually… the last week of 2008:

  • Monday, gym, worked on a speaker bio page.. just to amuse myself, nap, Andy got back from Portugal, pizza at DaVinci’s with Keith (the travel writer) and Andy, ended up at Kyoto Sushi Garden to drink the Shinkansen cocktail.. aka The Bullet Train (581km/h).. Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky (yes, from Lost in Translation) and Red Bull. Good stuff. Some Portuguese wine and a 1981 bottle of Delheim Cab.. I’m happy to have survived that.
  • I think I agree with Andy’s theory about brunettes.. they are usually just more sexy than blondes.
  • Tuesday, watched Rushmore again, “She was my Rushmore”, watched The Royal Tenenbaums again. Had about 1GB of photos to sort and process. Radio interview about the GeekDinners on SAfm.. which was fun.
  • “When one man has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself”. – Jacques Yves Cousteau

  • Wednesday, braai at Debby’s in Stellenbosch with Andy, Ingi, Paul etc. Prizm Rezonance (big outdoor NYE trance party), back to Debby’s, party on.
  • Dear lord, you should see the woman at these trace parties. Hot. Happy New Year!
  • Jacques.. the London cousin asked something like: aren’t you to old to be going to a trance party.. yeah, but the other people I know that are going are also too old.
  • Thursday, back to Cape Town, drinks with our neighbour at about 4am (he lost his keys), chill session on the Table mountain contour road.. Andy’s favourite spot. Sleep. More sleep. Back to the NYE party to see Goldfish, back to Debby’s, party on.
  • Can’t help it if I’m lucky. Close call.
  • Friday, woke up in Stellenbosch, Debby made very nice bacon and eggs, fetched Mia, drove to Bettys, spent some time with Cath and Parri.
  • Saturday, day on the beach at Betty’s, braai in Rooiels at Georg’s, afternoon swim.
  • Sunday, woke up in Bettys, dropped Mia off, watched High Fidelity, nap, Pizza and tequila at Da Vinci’s, drinks at La Vie with Camila and Adin.
  • “I love me cuddle” — Adin.. how the Irish say I love sleeping.

Remember kids.. adventure is good for you. Have a fun 2009.