Quick Update

Very interesting week.. most fun I've had in a long time. Started out spending time with Mia (~7 days).. a cycle of tea, rusks, Nemo, gym, swim, ice cream, nap, beach, chardonnay.. rinse, repeat..

  • Monday, gym, swim, fetched Mia, got me a VitB shot, followed a police car that was in a hurry on the N2.. fun, very About a Boy, nap, Glen Beach, Pimms party with Rachel and Keith.. well Keith had Ginger beer and kola tonic (*wink* to Cath). Seems everybody is threatening to stop drinking.
  • Neurobian, the Rolls Royce.. of Vitamin B injections, kicks ass, R65 at your chemist.. "That's cheating" -- Keith
  • Tuesday, Mia and I had tea and rusks on a rainy morning, building a puzzle to some layed back jazz.. discovered Madeleine Peyroux (thanks to Rachel), gym, swim, Sinn's ice cream, had Harrods Darjeeling no.25 tea from my Ritzenhoff cups with some cucumber sandwiches and more jazz. Mia manicure/peticure.. tried to catch up on my bloggging notes, felt like such a stay-at-home-dad.. kitchen drinking helps *grin*, nap, sunset on Beta beach, I would really not mind a house in Bakoven, watched the Illusionist (not bad) with a superb bottle of Paul Cluver Chardonnay. Watched some Simpsons.
  • Mia's baby sister was born on Tuesday night. I guess this makes her a half only child.. maybe a good balance.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, gourmet flapjacks at Knead.. try them.. Mia loves them, Sinn's ice cream.. we always get the Turkish Delight flavour.. "the pink one", did washing for the whole family (of two). Bakoven beach with Mia, Rachel and Keith.. awesome sunset followed by pizza in Camps Bay, drinks with Andy and Lauren (King), nice Springfield Sauv, brie and fig snacks and jazz.
  • Looks like I've converted Andy into a Moloko/Roisin Murphy fan.
  • Kinda figured out what inspired my bullet list blogging.. Rules of Attraction:
    Victor: [summarizing his vacation]..
  • Tune of the week:
    You're gonna make me lonesome when you go - Madeleine Peyroux,
    had this song stuck in my head for 3 days (new record I think).. turns out it's a Bob Dylan song.
  • The solution to the RT turned out to be a girl (cat) problem seems to be: swap names and change to "Princess Walker".
  • Mia asked to watch the Moloko DVD, I played her The Time Is Now, she thinks Roisin looks like Bianca. Figured out I have _all_ the moloko albums and the DVD.
  • How cool is that Terry Richardson photo on the latest GQ?
  • Thursday, woke up early and ended up with two purring balls of fur on my chest while working on my laptop, Nemo, we made uber-juice, dropped Mia off, worked though a big backlog of holiday photos.. about 1.5GB, watched Simpsons.
  • Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do? ..just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
    Marlin: Now I'm stuck with that song... Now it's in my head.
    Dory: Sorry. -- Nemo

  • "The New New Man is perhaps a better father than a husband. He loves his children with a passion that frightens him." - January GQ

  • My wine glasses seem to have a lower MTBF recently.
  • I discovered dark chocolate covered goji berries. Yum.
  • Modern conveniences.. getting you car back from the carwash and pressing one button to get your seat back just the way you like it. You have to love technology.
  • I think I need a new enemy.. and "a code" (like the marines have.. God, Country, Corps).. hmm.. food, fun, friends, something like that.
  • "Better to have flowers and not need them, than need flowers and not have them" -- Joe.. when your date invitation (potentially) fails, *grin*.

  • Friday, carwash, beer(s) at the Labia.. watched Pineapple Express.. not bad, Helga came over for drinks, Rafiki's with Rachel and Candy, Kyoto Sushi Garden for tuna sashimi, Scott's famous cocktails, Suntory Yamazaki 18yr old (R1k+/bottle).. good stuff, off to Jade (strange music, but fun, the older cape town goovy kids hangout it seems), ended up in the Shack (jeepers, how did that happen?), I think I like Kings of Leon.. when played really loudly, nice view of the CBD from there, the bartender was a bit drunk so I DJ'd (mostly Moloko), home, wine, nap (not much sleep at all).
  • "Hey Bartender! Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here? -- Brian Griffin (Family Guy)"

  • I think I may have ruined my Vivian Westwood shirt.. guess it was worth it.
  • "Cowboy the f*ck up" -- Rachel

    How is that Savanna going down?.. "Like an oyster milkshake" -- Rachel

    "You say it all without.. ever speaking" -- Moloko, in the Shack

    Winners come last -- quote from Friday mayhem somewhere

  • Saturday, woke up on the couch with memories of Leonard Cohen songs, off to Bettys with Rachel and Andy.. (I keep a spare toothbrush for days like these), a fun drive.. since I was not driving, swim, nap, nice braai with Cath and Parri, Ingi and Debs came over, a bit of Scrabble cheating, general mayhem (I think the lack of sleep got to me).
  • Well, well. (*bite fist*) [ignore this bit]
  • Sunday, woke up in Bettys (thanks Cath).. a bit dazed, swim, good brekki (thanks Andy), chilling, nap, we drove to Pringle for a swim.. which was awesome, pimpin drive home (Andy's Throb mixes).. got a tad sunburnt, pizza and Tequila at Da Vinci's, got home and played the song, grabbed a Rikki's taxi to La Med (being sensible, how's that working out for you?, we'll see), had a beer with David (Goldfish), friends all around.. Rachel, Keith, Cams, Adin, Lauren.. met Rachel's sisters, Goldfish rocked.. as always.. I was the guy with the jacSharp tshirt, Andy met a Scandinavian girl who hopped in the taxi with us to Asoka, got home and played the song. Another shit day in Africa. I just love Cape Town in the summertime.
  • I met somebody, actually I've know her since about 2006ish, she loves jazz, reads Ayn Rand, she's an engineer and she's hot (yes.. go figure). I hope she does not discover this blog any time soon :-P, I may have to cook my legendary Thai green curry for her.
  • "A pot of honey is nice,
    but there is a moment just before you start eating,
    that's even nicer" -- Pooh Bear, something I remember from Friday

  • I gave at least 4 massages this weekend, I think it's a hidden talent.
  • I may need another VitB shot after this weekend.
  • I should really go see the new Woody Allen movie.

The holiday is over crazy kids.. I need to start being productive again.