Ideas for 2009

It's a Wednesday and I'm up early, already the second week of 2009.. so this is long overdue. I guess the point of a new years post is to structure your thoughts about the year ahead, make some changes, set some goals and put them out there.


At the end of last year I woke up one day with a "I know what I need to do" feeling. You could say I found 3 things I really wanted to do:

  • Help to fill up the Cape Town Teraco data centre rapidly
  • Find somebody new
  • Start one new project (yes, just one)

"Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one."
-- Alain Chartier

"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all."
-- Oscar Wilde

The idea I have is dangerous. Maybe a bit cazy. We'll see.


I recently went for a swim, thinking about the year ahead. What do I want to do next? What should I be putting energy into? I had read a Tim Ferris post the day before about How to Feel Like the Incredible Hulk. He's pretty much the guru of the New Geek Lifestyle.. and since I'm the same age, a good benchmark I guess.

He explains how he conquered his fears of swimming, language learning, and ballroom dancing.

So, I can swim.. no problem. I can't say I'm into languages really, the two languages speak I know well, I think it's good to be at least bilingual (not counting programming languages), maybe I'd like to learn some Spanish. Ballroom dancing, that's a girls sport right?

Moving on.. Tim runs a neutraceutical business and advocates the idea of a product based business model (a muse). I started a similar business (food supplements) in 2004. It was fun doing the product design stuff, but I can't say it was in inspiring or exciting business. At least I figured out I like service or information based businesses.

He also wrote about How to Store Sperm, just in case (you end up dead). No need to do that (-:

Fitness, I figure Tim is more of an athlete than a geek.. and I'm more of a geek than an athlete.. but yeah.. I need to get back into a solid exercise routine.

Next, he travels and he is a famous author. That could be cool. I could do way more travelling. He is an icon for an idea. That's not easy and probably his greatest success.

So here is my list of things I'd like to do (and change) in 2009:


  • Travel, Fitness/Health, Learn some Spanish
  • Be more productive.. working on things that feel fulfilling. Happiness is forward momentum
  • Be a good dad
  • Learn to know myself (endless journey), don't just be the uncompromising brat that I think I was in the past (-:
  • Get over failures quicker
  • Have more "quam" (from Jerry Maguire) and make people around me feel good about themselves

Now I just need to remember to read this post every 3 months or so.

Have a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!
..I'm off to walk up Lions Head.

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