Dual Lifestyle

I talked to Mia's mom this week.. she had been looking at the weekend photos and she was happy for Mia having fun with her dad. She figured the young lady was lucky to have her two lifestyles.

Looking back it seems like we always planned it this way, well, it was the mother's master plan. I remember a few conversations on the topic, but I guess I only really accepted the idea today.

The Hippy and the Geek lifestyles. Organic food, cotton nappies and spiritual stuff on the one end.. fast paced, entrepreneurial, technology stuff on the other end.

Interesting experiment to see what Mia chooses to become.

Post-modern parenting of sorts.. like Keith said last night, "marriage is just there to confuse kids even more" (..when it ends).

Not sure why I wrote this post, I guess I've been thinking again. Don't you just hate it when that happens.

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