Direction and Function

Sometimes I wonder about this blog. Has it become too personal? Are the bullet list posts too long, too abstract? Or are weeks so uninteresting that I can only come up with 20 points worth mentioning?

Maybe I'll get bored of this, maybe I'll get tired of all the information gathering, maybe not.

At the last GeekDinner somebody commented that my blog seems to have gone back to the roots of blogging, the personal online journal. I guess that's true.

I guess this blog has always been about personal publishing and information gathering. Nothing really changed.

I don't feel like I'm building any form of audience any more. I don't have much of a clue who reads my blog. I figure long time readers must either know me, be very bored or like my little soap opera.

So I guess I write..
a) simply because I can
b) for me
c) for friends

Hmm.. then again, many of my friends don't read my blog.

c) enlightened friends

Quoting something that's been on the front page for a long time..

"It is and will be a work in progress, a set of notes and dates and thoughts and ideas.. mostly only of interest to me, unless you are enlightened or delusional too, friend."

So, if you do read it, thank you.. makes me feel less crazy.

4 thoughts on “Direction and Function

  1. The original form of blogging was the “web log”, as in “log of what you’ve been reading on the web”. Each post was some link to an article you had been reading and a comment. Don’t have reference now, but something about the blogs circa 1996 being like that.

    In that sense, goes back to the roots of blogging.

    The modern forms of blogging are (1) self-publishing (for people who write on specific topics, or make money from blogging) and (2) online journalling, (including random musings) which is what you are doing.

  2. I find the bullet blogs a bit boring (sorry if that’s overly honest). They’re usually something like:

    * Monday: Went swimming
    * Tuesday: Had lunch at some place
    * Wednesday: Got hair cut
    * Thursday: Walked up a hill or something
    * Friday: Played with Mia
    * Saturday: Ate nice cake
    * Sunday: Wondered about life

    Most of those things really aren’t very blogworthy. Something like “just had a really nice haircut” is more worthy as a microblog entry, however, no one cares if you had one a week ago.

    Your other blog entries are ok though.

  3. Thanks Jonathan,
    makes perfect sense.

    At least the bullet blog posts are easy to skim through I guess… or totally ignore since they all have the same title (-:

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