Quick Update

Bit of a detox and fitness week, which lasted until Thursday night..

  • Monday, uber juice, usual picture processing, watched Burn After Reading at the V&A art.. brilliant movie, loved the way the Georg Clooney character had to go running the whole time, figured I'd do something different and had pizza at the Slice-away.. but all the hipsters spoilt it, bumped into Keith and had some cocoa.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, lots of house shopping, walked up Lions Head with Andy.. bumped into the The TBG (aka Rob), Glen beach sunset, watched Gattaca again.. beautiful movie.
  • "A child conceived in love has a greater chance of happiness" -- Gattaca

  • Wednesday, Lions Head walk and Clifton 1st swim with Andy, house shopping in Bantry Bay and Bo-Kaap, smoothy at Neo.. to think, Wembley Square to meet Rachel.. crash and burn, bumped into Bev, burger at Theo's with Keith and Guy, played Another Lonely Day, -- Ben Harper, best breakup song.. Andy thought it was funny.
  • ..look at that s-car-go (-:
  • Thursday, swim in Long Street with Andy, ISPA PR WG, house shopping with Keith and Andy, shopping for a dinner party, Lions Head (run) and Glen Beach with Andy, had a beer (in the shower.. old squash days habit), cooked a Thai stir fry dish.. which was a bit hot for Andy, listened to some Satchmo.
  • Friday, uber juice.. (apple, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, lime, ginger) good stuff, house shopping, Teraco meeting, dinner party shopping and cooking.. perfect wind-free night.. Thai green curry on the balcony with Andy, Kirsty and Rachel.
  • Don't you just love it when you are alone in the swimming pool, in the middle lane.
  • Song of the week: Daughter -- Pearl Jam, also Landslide -- Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Saturday, Suicide Gorge session #6.. good fun as always.. Rachel overslept and missed it, fetched Mia, drinks at Will's with Richard, Lis and Emma, home.. sleep.. like a baby.
  • "Girls are like busses, if you wait long enough chances are two will arrive at the same time." -- Will

  • Spiderman Gorge.. what you call Suicide Gorge if you struggle with heights and prefer rock climbing.
  • Sunday, tea, rusks, uber juice, gym, swim, building puzzles with Mia, braai, dropped Mia off, picked Andy up at 96 Winery Road, drove to Cape Town at some insane speed.. we were late for our own party, drinks with the neighbours.. Scott, Gerald, Lian, Peter, ended up having octopus on the braai at around 1am (go figure), nice Eikendal Chardonnay, most interesting stories.. what started out as an innocent goodbye drinks session turned into mayhem, watched our neighbour break into his own house.. lost his keys again, good fun.
  • I'm going to miss this place.

See you at the GeekDinner on Thursday.

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