Quick Update

This week’s post is a bit overdue, let’s see..

  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch, took a drive to the end of the Jonkershoek road with the top down, had lunch with Mia, her sister and mom, discovered a very cool little beach between Bakoven and Camps Bay, awesome sunset, had frogurt on Camps Bay Boulevard, perfect night for a walk.
  • “My word I’m hungover! Death warmed up.” — Debby

  • “Some people spend their lives in the traffic and never smell the washing.” — Naulene

  • “As soon as I have the perfect office everything will be OK.” — Naulene

  • “Good taste without power has no impact.”

  • Tuesday, meeting with Steve Song and Andrew Rens at TSF about Open Spectrum, soccer at La Med, kinda scored the winning goal.. drinks at La Med.. starting to like Camps Bay (even more), Waiting Room with Keith to see Julia Jacobsen and Nice. Really enjoyed the music.. so much life, you have to love Long Street in the summertime.
  • Wednesday, blisters from soccer.. but not too stiff, haircut at B’s, Orms visit.. I think I found a new hobby in DSLR’s, Neighbourhood bar with Cath, the plan was to go see Lonesome Dave Ferguson at Julep but ended up at Cape to Cuba bar.. the one at the top.
  • “..that’s one way to put it, another way would be that we were simply late”.

  • Driving home, I figured I was pretty chilled on Wednesday night.. I call it “peaceful lost time”. You see, I had a (long) Amobia meeting planned but that did not happen, which kinda leaves you with this feeling.. oh, well.. bonus!
  • “Got a light on you mate.. how can you start a revolution without a fire?” — Brandon at Cape to Cuba

  • “multi tasking is for girls”

  • “I am not as shallow as the two of you, talking about shallow…what’s green, wet, and doesn’t have a topless.. pool boy cleaning it (presumably because it’s overcast)…?” — Keith

  • Thursday, a bit of pool cleaning, I was invited to go to the DA website launch but had to go and win a little personal battle at the ISPA GM to get joining fees removed for ISPA peering points.
  • Seems I can still go 3 weeks without needing to do my washing, a good bachelor skill to master.
  • Friday, shopping, Chinese bloggers braai.. sundowners at Beta Beach and a night out at Chevelle.. (yeah, the website sucks).. the hot cars, the hot clubs, the hot chicks.
  • At least somebody seems to like my weekly bullet list blogging style.
  • “Do you ever blog while on the loo?” — Keith asked Nikki

  • “If you have to chase it, it’s running.” — Parri, about girls

  • I figure it’s a good idea to start limiting blog posts to the 250 word range.
  • “Life is slow when the groove is on,
    tripping lights fantastic disco show” — Groove Armada

  • Saturday, dropped Andy off, fetched Mia, went shoe shopping with Mia.. we got two pairs each (Mia’s are almost as cool as Nikki’s), I have new trail runners and soccer boots, Beta Beach play park, dinner, watched Semi Pro, restless sleep.. Mia was a bit sick.
  • “He fall down” — Mia, after throwing a cat in a bush
  • Sunday, Monsters Inc., we made uber fruit juice, gym, swim, flapjacks at Knead, ice cream at Sinn’s, GP visit, took Mia home, Goldfish at La Med with Andy and Keith.. for about 10min I was a Cosmo VIP, Jules and the Fools at Joburg bar.. love the chorus on that “time after time” (video) song, nice Pixies cover, but the venue was a bit smoky.
  • “Everybody Love Everybody” — Jackie Moon, Semi Pro

  • Manage to not touch my laptop the entire weekend, that’s a first.
  • Tunes of the week: Groove Armada, Best of.

Looking forward to soccer at La Med this afternoon.. have a fun week.