Cape Town: The Greatest City in Africa

So, I’m running from Bakoven to Bantry Bay this morning, along Victoria road and I spot a news poster: “Cape Town, the Greatest City in Africa”. I think, wow.. I’m very lucky to be living the the most beautiful part of the greatest city in Africa.

A few weeks ago I’m busy cooking up some figure for a press release and I randomly ask “How many provinces does South Africa have?”. I get an answer and.. “Joe, how can you not know that?” To which I respond.. “dude, I live it Cape Town, I live in the first world.”

What’s my point?

1) I love Cape Town. In my mind it’s a first world city. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fact that it’s on the Africa continent is of minor importance to me.

2) The world has changed. It’s more about community, a sense of belonging and shared ideals than which country you live in.

2 thoughts on “Cape Town: The Greatest City in Africa

  1. I agree. I always knew Cape Town was nice, but I only realised how good a place it really is when I saw more cities in other countries and spent some more time in Jo’burg. We have a lot to be thankful about.

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