Neotel SMS Costs

I recently attended a Neotel Solutions Day at the Waterfront.

I have a lot of respect for their enterprise business. They seem to be doing good things. Their consumer division is another story.
Just before lunch they had a guy from the Neotel consumer division talk about their consumer services, residential phone services etc.

Now, Neotel claim that:

“Neotel is South Africa’s first converged communications network operator”

Pricing: (iirc)
8c for a MB of data (out of bundle)
10c for an SMS to another Neotel customer
17c for a voice minute to another Neotel customer
35c for an SMS to another national number

I asked the guy..
“Help me understand how 1 MB of data is 8c but an SMS is 10c”? A converged network where 1 Million Bytes to anywhere in the world is cheaper than ~140bytes on their network?

He answered with some impressive sales waffeling. The guy should have been in politics. He obviously did not know the answer.


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