Two weeks ago I watched a Lark show at Klein Libertas in Stellenbosch. Nice show.

I first saw Lark in Cape Town around 2004 at some Russian theme restaurant (which closed soon after and I can’t remember the name now).

At the time I was a big Moloko fanboy and I liked the idea of a electronic duo from Cape Town. I attended another show in 2006, also at Klein Libertas.. where they performed with Goldfish.

I bought both their albums: “Mouth of Me” and “Razbliuto”.

Something bugged me about the last show. I’ve been trying to figure out why I liked their early music (like the Reflections song) but not the new stuff.

Inge is a good performer with an exceptional voice. They have a good stage presence. All very professional. They have a pretty big following. But.. the new stuff is disjointed.. lacks continuity… it’s like a Russian bohemian Rhapsody for hipsters, a bit too raw.

Compare where they are and where Goldfish are today.. and you realise:
it needs to be a bit more happy, fun and funky kids.

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