Teraco Launch Function

Last night Teraco hosted a launch event for its first data centre at Great Westerford for about 200 people. About 100 people went for a data centre tour and about 50 travelled all the way from Joburg for the event. A very nice turnout.

Good cocktails and nice snacks. Interesting to see the media and PR people getting a bit tipsy together (-:



It was really cool seeing everybody that’s been involved in the project over the last two years. Big smiles and optimism all around.. like proud parents. An exciting ride from a simple (big) idea to a well structured business in operation.

Plans for Teraco’s Joburg data centre were on display. Looking good. It’s going to be a three story “green” building. Should be open towards the end of 2009.

I recited a little sales pitch a few times, so I figured I’d write it down.

As I was leaving I thanked the events planning contractor. She commented that Teraco looked like a really promising business and asked if it has any competition. As I drove home I again realised what an awesome running start Teraco really has.

Teraco does not have competition, it’s first to market, by the time the Joburg site is live Teraco should be well established as the leading vendor neutral data centre brand and I don’t see anybody raising R100mil to be number two in this economic climate.

Naturally, I woke up with a smile today.. makes we want to do it again.