Quick Update

Just digging for fire..

  • Monday, spinning. Nothing else to report.
  • Tuesday, walked around Lions Head, walked from Clifton 4th to 1st and back, soccer at La Med with Andy and Steff, Camps Bay club for burgers and a few non-alcholic Becks, Baraza.
  • “..don’t you live with two blue collar men, just ask them to fix it?” — About an ADSL line that fell out of a tree. A good way to quickly end a conversation. So much for quam, then again, you will agree this counts as an exception.

  • “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”
    — Albert Einstein.. something I spotted on a forum

  • SA Blog Awards, hmmm.. scanned the list, could not really find anything to vote for.. at first I thought I bet they have a bunch of muppets as judges again.. but then it turned out I know half of them.. so I can’t really bitch about anything. Good work Chris. Maybe I can be the first daddy blogger next year :-P See you on Friday.
  • Realised I’m more of an explorer and a scout that a hunter / gatherer, if your life is anything like mine, it’s a series of tangents with interludes of clarity and focus.
  • Realised I have 3 years.. then Mia will be in school.
  • Realised I’ll probably need to be nice to Mia’s sister.
  • I figure I kinda like the company of mildly crazy people, helps keep my lateral thinking and complexity reduction skills sharp.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, scooter shopping, Carly’s Bakery to order cakes for Mia’s birthday, bit early for a meeting so I crused around Stellenbosch.. kinda makes me feel 10yrs younger, Ginos in Stellenbosch for a long Amobia board meeting, had a cazone pizza, only got in bed around 2am, ..when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.
  • “Is sy ‘n tert met ‘n Uno of ‘n tert met ‘n BMW?” — JM, trying to establish somebody’s seniority in a company.

  • “We don’t do Madagascar, Pixar only.” — about a birthday cake.

  • Thursday, pizza for breakfast, Lunch with Lauren K at Mimi’s.. very nice salad, Teraco Launch function at Great Westerford.. very nicely done.
  • Friday, ran from Bakoven to Glen beach, fetched Mia, tea and cupcakes with Nikki on a rainy afternoon at the Daily Deli.. thanks for the Olivia book, she loves it, home cooked dinner with “the family”: The Incredibles. I figure if I cook Mia dinner with yellow, red and green vegetables and she loves it I’m doing well.
  • Turns out the song.. Daughter by Pearl Jam is about dyslexia. Interesting.
  • Had a chat with Gerjo on Saturday. He changed his blog to have a theme.. but I figure that’s what categories and tags are for. Blogs are about authors not topics.. just my view. I realise this theory does not scale and that search engines do not think this way, but..
  • I like the Audi day LED idea, very iRobot, very good marketing idea. BMW must be kicking themselves… but, they should only have used it on the A5/S5, R8.. not A4 and other sedans.
  • Saturday, tea, gym, swim, smoothie, toy shopping at Tinka Tonka, food shopping.. escaped a parking garage fee.. my new hobby, braai at home with the usual suspects, a walk around Bakoven with Mia, Earth Hour candle light catch-up chat with Keith.
  • “Go check the electric fence or something” — Edna, The Incredibles.. I just love Edna.

  • “You sly dog, you got me monologging” — Syndrome, The Incredibles

  • “You would have to find a new hair stylist after something like that” — about things you would not want to have to explain.

  • Sunday, tea, watced Happy Feet.. not bad, had to climb through a window since Mia locked me out, gym, swim, smoothie, Mia’s 3rd birthday party on Little Beta beach with the usual suspects and Dave, Chris and Matt.. good fun, lots of very nice cake.. perfect day.. I think Mia enjoyed it.
  • Children’s parties are a rather interesting logistical challenge.. on a beach even more so. My car looks like a sandpit inside after the party, but oh well.
  • Dave has this idea that he arranges meetings to walk around Lions Head.. good idea.. I updated my contact page.
  • “Geeks don’t interface with API’s they build them” — about MXit’s new open API, I think Joey or J3 came up with this idea

  • Joerg invited me to talk at a Facing the Speakers evening.. Wed 8 April.
  • I seem to have built up a bit of an appetite for destruction after my 5 weeks detox.
  • Word of the week: “ickle”.. Mia often uses it.
  • Tune of the week: Under the bridge, RHCP.

Have a fun week crazy kids.

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