Quick Update

Just collecting and telling stories..

  • Monday, tea with Edward at Caveau to meet the EmitIT guys, Kauai for lunch, spinning.
  • Super Green: my new favourite smoothie flavour.
  • So Mia’s mom calls me “single guy”.. “enjoy the Kauai single guy“.. like this is a bad thing? The irony.
  • Parking payment hassles again, R3.50 for 5min this time. I found out the human parking meters get 17% comms. This one also agreed R3.50 for 5min is “unfair”.
  • Started using Songbird as a music player on my desktop. Lame iTunes was just not working well with Oggs.. I guess now I can really use Last.fm.
  • Amusing how complex things often become simple when you explain them to others.. about explaining a strange relationship.
  • Tuesday, took a mental health day (as Rachel would say) and worked from home, phoned Mia for her birthday, a really fun soccer game at La Med with Matt and Andy.. I scored 3 goals, attended the GeekDinner at Tao Yuan.. I really enjoyed it, excellent talks by Henk and Bryn.
  • I’ve developed a liking for Steaz ice tea, very nice.
  • Nikki said something interesting last week.. at some point most bloggers struggle to post, they kind a hit a wall, but once they get over that (or if they get over it).. they kinda just get on with it. Very true.
  • Wednesday, a quick 1km swim since I was a bit stiff from soccer, sunset swim on Beta Beach, Dave the cowboy at Julep (love that “I changed the lock song”) with Rachel and Andy, pizza at Royale.. not bad, but stick to their burgers.
  • Andy is now unemployed. Good thing I kinda hopefully found him another job already.
  • “I know Chai Tea” — Andy, from a tshirt he spotted

  • Amoebit:
    Amoeba/rabbit cross; it can multiply and divide at the same time.

  • Thursday, a quick 1km swim on the way to work, meeting with Georg, cleaned up my music collection a bit, Clifton 4th sunset and swim with Andy and Steff.
  • “What are you doing for Easter weekend? I’m sure I had something on?” — Andy, the wedding planner.

  • I found Qimo.
  • Friday, gym, swim, backup day.. made an off-site backup of my music and photos.. a healthy 160GB, Taste of Cape Town with Georg and Keith.. nice venue, Dave at the Grand Daddy, SA Blog Awards, Boo Radleys, Kink with Andy.. nice place, fun to be out on the town.
  • Interesting new spinning bikes at the gym.. Scanner Darkly / Minority Report stuff.. comes with a big LCD and these instructor videos that touch on the spiritual/emotional side of cardio. Machine making man happy. The thing about devices like these is that today we find them strange in a month they seem normal.
  • Backups really make you see how IO bound computers still are. I hope we all have solid state super fast disks in 3 years.
  • “The first half of the bottle is great, the second half is spectacular” — Francois Naude, Winemaker, about Beyerskloof Pinotage.. best selling Pinotage in the world. I like their vibe.

  • I have this crazy idea that I want to move back to Stellenbosch in two or three years.. mostly related to finding a school for Mia.
  • Saturday, fetched Mia, V&A to watch Monsters vs Aliens.. her first cinema movie.. she loved it and she was a little angel, shopping.. Body Shop.. got some strawberry lip balm, music shop for a new movie, toy shop.. played with the Leap Frog Tag stuff, food shopping, book shopping.. Olivia and the missing toy, sunset Beta beach swim.. seems Annelien is back, home cooked dinner, bath, we read both Olivia books, sleep.
  • “This is a hobo suit, darling. You can’t be seen in this. I won’t allow it.”
    — Edna, The Incredibles

  • I like Aston Martins.. the DBS looks pretty cool, but I just can’t get over the rear light design.. it’s ugly.
  • Sunday, tea, puzzle building, watched A Bug’s Life.. pretty cool, really nice Sunday lunch at Andy’s parents’, Beta Road play park and Little beach sunset.. took some nice photos.
  • We’re into sing-along tunes for the car at the moment.. Mia likes Rocketman, Under the Bridge and L.O.V.E. (Sinatra.. and Amelie iirc)… Downtown gets played over and over.. “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go, downtown..”

See you at Balkanology.. have a fun Easter weekend kids.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. My earliest memory of enjoying music is Downtown! Would love to know what album you’re referring to.

    1. Hi Al

      It’s just a random selection of music, not an album. Actually it’s from a few compilation CD’s I made for Mia’s mom at some point.

  2. Why not move to the cosmopolitan wonderland we call Somerset West? Stellenbosch is more suited to the “single guy” though…

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