I generally hate clutter. I’m a minimalist. The more stuff you have the more stuff you have to worry about.

I used to play underwater hockey and mountain bike with this guy.. Frans. Smart guy, one of the cool engineers. He loved clutter. He used to have this old VW station wagon full of clutter. Anything from a Didgeridoo to duct tape to little toy men to spare parts for bicycles to camping gear.. and it all stayed in the station wagon. The back seat was like a garbage dump full of interesting toys.

The thing is.. Mia loves clutter.

Toys everywhere. Stickers, girly hair stuff, clothes, books, dolls, puzzles, shoes, cats, dvd’s.. you get the idea. She loves unpacking everything and I keep tidying up.

You see.. I’ve come to realise that I secretly like clutter.

Well, I like toys all around and I’m starting to like children’s books and building puzzles again. I like going to toy shops. We spend hours in toy shops. Not only because the girls that help us in the toy shop are cute, but the toys are interesting and educational.

My mind somehow allows me to compartmentalise the clutter. As long as it’s Mia’s stuff it’s not my clutter.

Can’t wait for the LEGO age. I wonder if she’ll be into model trains…

Milhouse: Cool train! Where does it go?
Bart: Beats me. … Once it had snow on it.
— Burns’ Heir, Simpsons.. about the model train in the Burns mansion.