The Basics

Cath recently wrote about a blogging workshop she attended. Kinda made me think about the basics of blogging we all know but choose to ignore.

You know.. have a voice, a central topic, a target audience, a central theme relevant to an industry, grow you readership, one post per day, use email updates because the unwashed masses who read blogs have yet to discover RSS/ATOM feeds.

I can’t really disagree with any of this, I but I can’t really be bothered either.

On the topic of volume, I don’t think any (non-pro) blogger does one post per day. I have about 420 posts in 2.5 years.. that’s more like 1/2 a post per day.

I must say I kinda miss the days when people used to interact more with blogs. People used to link to each other way more and comment more. Now it’s all just Facebook at Twitter.

People spend all their energy and attention pumping content into closed networks where they don’t own the content.

I like the idea that a blog has become a personal aggregation point. It’s a place I keep the content I created and care about. I like the idea that I can export all my content and archive it for many years.

My very first post was about empire building vs demon feeding.. I guess in some ways I now view Facebook and Twitter as demon feeding and blogging as empire building simply because of who controls the content I create.. and in Twitter’s case.. I like the idea that my blog content will always have context.

3 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. Must admit I’m not too bothered either. I think all of that stuff only really counts if you have a professional or business focused blog. My blog is intended as a space in which to brain dump, readers must take it or leave it. :)

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