Creative Commons Licencing

I’ve been wanting to licence the content on my personal website under a copy-left style licence for a while. I support the ideas of a read-write culture and the Creative Commons people seem to be doing good work.

This week I stuck the CC-BY-SA-ZA (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 South Africa Licence) on my homepage, blog and (main) photo album.

It’s pretty easy, just go find the licence you like best.. I figure most people would go for CC-BY-SA.. it’s like the GPL for content. If you have a problem with people using your content for commercial interests go for CC-BY-NC-SA. The Share Alike (SA) bit makes sure the content says free to be modify and re-used.. read-write.

Why use the CC licences and not write your own licence? Well, a few very smart people have reviewed these licences and I’m sure they will jump in and defend them if anybody were to challenge them. So.. you get the best legal team for free. Good deal.