Quick Update

End of the April holidays..

  • Monday, woke up in Bettys, dropped Mia off with her mom, gave a talk about Lifestyle Design at the 27 Dinner.. nice evening, good feedback form the talk.
  • Tuesday, Lions Head walk with Dave, played soccer at La Med until it was too dark to play, nice vegetarian dinner.. thanks Ingi.
  • Wednesday, rainy day at home.. mostly doing WAPA stuff, Andy’s (house sitting), Harley’s, Kirsty’s (new place), Boo Radley’s with Andy and Cams to watch Lonesome Dave, bumped into the JacSharp crew, Dave played “I changed the lock” for Cams.. I think it’s the single, good tune.
  • “I changed the name of this town so you can’t find me anymore” — Dave F.

  • “I speak no more sense beyond this point” — Andy, at Boo Radleys

  • “Peacocking” — Cams, what people in Cape Town do

  • Why am I always drawn to the Marla Singer types?
  • Andy calls Mia a “flexi flyer”.. the world is a big playpen for her.
  • Thursday, day at the office, worked on a new business idea for Frogfoot.. I think it could be a fun new angle.
  • Friday, did not leave the house, laundry, tea with Mia and her mom, nap, watched Horton Hears a Who, dinner with Andy, read two books with Mia, sleep.
  • “When are you going to get your gun so we can do what we want?” — Ingi, about Andrew completing his gun licence

  • Saturday, tea, gym, swim, smoothies, Knead, toy shop, very nice going away dinner in Stellenbosch for Anton and Evelien with Mia, Petr, Georg and Andy, Mystic Boer.. the most fun I’ve had in Stellenbosch for a while.
  • “Get over it, ons is almal useless en beteken niks vir society nie” — Anton, maybe he’s been watching Fight Club again

  • Tune of the week (in Mystic): Pille vir Kersfees, Die Heuwels Fantasties
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, drove to SSW for an early Mothers Day brunch at Michelle’s, dropped Mia off, Kirsty’s house warming braai, Beta Beach sunset walk.

Have a fun week kids.

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  1. “Why am I always drawn to the Marla Singer types?”

    Perhaps you like to think that you’re a Tyler Durden type? :p


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