Quick Update

The weekly update..

  • Monday, Lions Head meeting (walk) with Ingi, shopping, uber juice, ISPA mancom meeting, upgraded to Debian 5.0 Lenny and a new Linux kernel, nice pizza at Bacini’s with Andy, Steff and Ingi, Polish vodka and StalkBook.. sometimes a good combination.
  • Tuesday, Ubuntu upgrade to Jaunty, misty soccer at La Med.. I scored two goals, pasta and red wine at Lauren and Marco’s to meet Ella, came up with a plan to visit Matjiesfontein.
  • “No mate, when I sin I want to do it properly” — Andy, about which red wine shop we should visit

  • Wednesday, WAPA teleconference, smoothie at Liquorice and Lime with Ingi, watched Decadence at the Intimate theatre with Andy and Ingi.. very good play, mussels at Boo Radley’s.. debated Bombay Sapphire vs Tanqueray no 10, Asoka, Fiction.. we were pretty much the only 3 people in the place and dancing anyway, a drink at Waiting Room.. right at the top, under the fairy lights.
  • “A german joke is no laughing matter” — Ingi

  • Thursday, a relaxed winters day in Cape Town.. just living, Ingi made us guilt-smoothies, attempted to find a grill for our fireplace, beer at pizza at Bacini’s with Cams and Andy.. nice views of Lions Head, nap, drinks with Jaco (bje) at Baraza.. watched JacSharp, sushi and sake at Codfather.
  • How the world has changed.. I’ve not seen Jaco is a long time, but he seemed to know most of what I’ve been up to from reading my blog.
  • Friday, Extreme Networks meeting, Debian upgrade tweaks, Mia time, watched Horton again, watched In Bruges.. good movie.
  • I tried xfce 4.6, but switched back to icewm.
  • Saturday, perfect weather, gym, swim, smoothie, Deer Park with the yummy mummies, shopping, Beta Beach going away picnic for Keith with Debby, Ingi and Marcia, very good bottle of Ataraxia Chardonnay, bath, we read a new book: Olivia saves the circus.
  • “Oh, sorry, yes geek, all the nerds work for dial-a-nerd” — Keith who did not have any joy with the nerds after his Outbreak Express lost all his email.

  • “All the good books are about boys” — Keith

  • Sunday, tea, rusks, Horton.. she seems to be into Dr. Suess at the moment, gym, swim, c-monster smoothies, Knead, tea with Frerieke, Sinns ice cream, Scarecrows in Hout Bay with Andy, dropped Mia off, Ye Olde Bell Pub for a game of pool, Karma.. got the phone number of a very pretty lady, man Camps Bay has some hot woman.
  • Remember that Fez bouncer with the cowboy hat?.. he now works at Karma.
  • “Well, it’s hard to be civil and it’s real hard to be nice.” — Fleetwood Mac, No Questions Asked

  • Dorky dads kinda grate me.. so goody two shoes, they make the rest of us look bad.
  • I really need to go on a being good phase again. It’s been a long one month retox. Soccer season seems to be ending. I need something new. Running, squash, and maybe even some yoga.
  • I seem to have completely switch to rooibos, I don’t even drink Earl Grey anymore.

..and that, as they say, is that.